Eighth Confederate Regiment

This regiment was organized just after the battle of Shiloh by the consolidation of Brewer's, Bell's, and Baskerville's battalions--six Alabama, and four Mississippi companies. Brewer's battalion was among the first mounted troops raised in Alabama, and had fought at Shiloh with severe loss. The Eighth Confederate marched with the army into Kentucky, and was engaged in a series of bloody encounters, extending up to and subsequent to the battle of Murfreesboro. It was in Wheeler's dash on Rosecrans' rear during that battle, and was badly cut in two or three cavalry fights shortly after. The regiment lost very severely at Shelbyville, and was engaged at Chicamauga. Near Dalton, May 1864, the regiment had a protracted fight, with heavy loss. During the Dalton-Atlanta campaign the regiment fought as infantry nearly the whole time. It was engaged at Jonesboro, and in the captured of Stoneman. It was with Wheeler in his last grand raid into Tennessee, fighting often, then moved into Virginia, and fought Burbridge at Saltville. The Eighth then pursued Sherman into the Carolinas, sad was in constant contact with him till it surrendered at Greenesboro, less than 100 strong.

Field and Staff

Colonels -- R. H. Brewer of Maryland; resigned.* W. B. Wade of Mississippi; wounded in east Tennessee; transferred. John S. Prather of Chambers; wounded.

Lieut. Colonels --.... Baskerville of Mississipi; resigned. Jefferson Falkner of Chambers; resigned. John S. Prather; promoted. John Wright of Tallapoosa.

Majors -- Solon Bell of Chambers; resigned. John S. Prather; promoted. C. C. McCaa of Pickens; killed at Murfreesboro. John Wright; wounded at Shelbyville; promoted. Knox Miller of Talladega.

Adjutants -- L. L. Goodrich of Mississippi.

Captains, and Counties from Which the Companies Came.

Talladega -- A. W. Bowie; resigned. .... Stockdale; transferred. Knox Miller; promoted.

Chambers -- Jefferson Falkner; promoted. Robert Moore.

Pickens -- C. C. McCaa; promoted. W. M. Ferguson; captured.

Randolph -- ..... Thompson; captured in Tennessee; John H. McElroy; killed near Dalton. Joseph A. Mathews of Mississippi; killed near Columbia. S. C.

Tallapoosa -- John Wright; promoted. .... Lindsey; captured in Tennessee.

Chambers -- Francis Pinckard; died in the service. Henry Holmes; wounded at Boonsville and Jonesboro.


* Col. Brewer was a graduate of West Point. Promoted to the rank of brigadier general, he was killed in battle in the Valley of Virginia in 1864.

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