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West Confederate Avenue, south of Biesecker Woods, Gettysburg, Pa.


The grateful people of the
State of Arkansas erect this
Memorial as an expression of
their pride in the officers and
men of the Third Arkansas
Infantry, Confederate States
Army, who by their valor
and their blood, have
made this ground
forever hallowed.

Arkansas Monument, Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newman, Coweta County, Georgia


1st Battalion Infantry

1st Infantry Regiment

1st Infantry Regiment (Colquitt)

1st Regiment, Arkansas Sharpshooters

1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment 30 days 1861

1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment State Militia

1st Arkansas Infantry Battalion State Troop

1st Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Cleburne's) (Josey's)

1st (Fagan's-Colquitt's) Infantry Regiment

1st Regiment, Arkansas Reserves

1st Consolidated Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Trans-Mississippi)

2nd Battalion Infantry

2nd Infantry Regiment 30 Days 1861

2nd Infantry Regiment

2nd Consolidated Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Trans-Mississippi)

3rd Battalion Infantry

3rd Infantry Regiment

3rd Consolidated Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

4th Infantry Regiment (McNairs')

4th Battalion Infantry

5th Infantry Regiment 

6th Infantry Regiment

7th Battalion, Arkansas Infantry (Desha's)

7th Infantry Regiment (Shaver's)

8th Battalion Infantry

8th Infantry Regiment

9th Battalion Infantry

9th Infantry Regiment

10th Infantry Regiment

11th and 17th Consolidated Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

11th Infantry Regiment

12th Infantry Regiment

12th Battalion Sharpshooters

13th Infantry Regiment

14th Infantry Regiment

14th Infantry Regiment (McCarvers)

14th Infantry Regiment (Mitchel-Powers)

15th (McRae's-Hobb's-Boone's) Infantry Regiment

15th (Johnson's) Arkansas Infantry Regiment

15th Infantry Regiment

15th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Josey's)

15th (Northwest) Arkansas Infantry Regiment

16th Infantry Regiment

17th Infantry Regiment (Lemoyne's)

17th (Rector's-Griffith's) Arkansas Infantry Regiment

18th Infantry Regiment Marmaduke

18th (Carroll's-Daly's-Crockett's) Arkansas Infantry Regiment

19th (Smead's-Dockery's) Arkansas Infantry Regiment

19th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Dawsons)

19th Infantry Regiment

20th Infantry Regiment

21st (McRae's) Infantry Regiment

21st Infantry Regiment (McCarver)

22nd Infantry Regiment

23rd Infantry Regiment (Lyle's)

24th Infantry Regiment

25th Infantry Regiment

26th Infantry Regiment

27th Infantry Regiment

28th Infantry Regiment

29th Infantry Regiment

30th Infantry Regiment

31st Infantry Regiment

32nd Infantry Regiment

33rd Infantry Regiment

34th Infantry Regiment

35th Infantry Regiment

36th Infantry Regiment

37th Infantry Regiment

38th Infantry Regiment

39th Infantry Regiment

40th Infantry Regiment

42nd Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

45th Infantry Mounted

46th Infantry Mounted

46th Infantry Regiment

47th Infantry Mounted 

48th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

Adam's Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

Alexander's Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

Ballard's Company, Arkansas Infantry (30 days, 1861)

Bell's Regiment, Arkansas

Brooks' Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

Caper's Regiment, Arkansas

Clark's Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

Clayton's Company, Arkansas Infantry

Clear Lake Independent Guards, Arkansas Infantry

Cocke's Regiment, Arkansas Infantry

Craig's Battalion, Arkansas

Crawford's Infantry Battalion

Dawson's - Hardy's Infantry Regiment

Dunlap's Company Volunteers

Ernest's Company, Infantry (Local Defense)

Fitz Williams' Volunteers

Ford's Regiment

Green's Regiment

Hardy's Infantry Regiment

Harrison's Regiment

Hayes' Regiment

Head's Battalion

Fort Hindmigan

Home Guards

Johnson's Consolidated Regiment Volunteers

Johnson's-Hawthorn's-Cocke's Infantry Regiment

Kurkendall's Company, Arkansas Infantry

Mattox's Regiment

McCallop's Regiment 

McNair's Infantry Brigade

McRae's Regiment

Nader's Regiment

Arkansas Partisan Rangers

Purkins' Regiment

Spark's Company, Arkansas Infantry (60 days, 1862)

Whittington's Infantry Battalion

Williamson's Infantry Battalion

Williams' Regiment




1st Battalion, Arkansas Militia

2nd Battalion, Arkansas Militia

5th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

6th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

7th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

8th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

10th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

12th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

13th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

15th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

21st Regiment, Arkansas Militia

28th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

35th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

45th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

46th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

48th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

49th Regiment, Arknasas Militia

50th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

51st Regiment, Arkansas Militia

55th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

58th Regiment, Arkansas Militia

62nd Regiment, Arkansas Militia

63rd Regiment, Arkansas Militia

Borland's Regiment, Arkansas Militia

Crawford's Company of Rangers, Arkansas Militia

Desha Country Battalion, Arkansas Militia

Franklin's Guard, Arkansas Militia

Home Defenders, Arkansas Militia

Jackson County, Arkansas Militia   

Louis' Company, Arkansas Militia

Mathias' Company, Arkansas Militia

Spavine's Company, Arkansas Volunteer Rifles (Militia)

State Troops

1st Battalion, Arkansas State Troops

1st Arkansas Infantry Regiment (State Troops)

3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment (State Troops)

4th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (State Troops)

5th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (State Troops)


1st Regiment Cavalry

1st/10th Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (Crawford's)

1st Cavalry Regiment (Dobbin's)

1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (State Troops)

1st Battalion, Arkansas Reserve Cavalry

1st Regiment Mounted Rifles

1st Arkansas Cavalry Battalion (Brooks'-Stirman's)

1st/6th Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (Fagan's - Monroe's)

1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (Carroll's - Thomson's)

1st Arkansas Cavalry Battalion (Borland's)

2nd Cavalry Regiment

2nd Regiment, Arkansas Mounted Rifles

2nd Arkansas Cavalry Battalion

2nd Arkansas Cavalry Battalion (State Troops)

2nd Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (Morgan's)

3rd Cavalry Regiment

4th Cavalry Regiment (Gordon's)

5th Cavalry Regiment

6th Arkansas Cavalry Battalion (Phifer's)

6th Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

7th Cavalry Regiment

8th Cavalry Regiment

9th Cavalry Regiment

10th Cavalry Regiment (Witt's)

11th Cavalry Regiment 

12th Cavalry Regiment

13th Battalion Cavalry

15th Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry (Buster's Battalion Cavalry)

15th Regiment, Arkansas Mounted Militia

16th Cavalry Regiment

17th Cavalry Regiment

18th Arkansas Cavalry Battalion

23rd Cavalry Regiment

28th Cavalry Regiment

45th Cavalry Regiment

46th Cavalry Regiment (Crabtree's)

47th Cavalry Regiment (Crandell's)

48th Cavalry Regiment

Abraham's Company, Arkansas Mounted Volunteers (State Troops)

Anderson's Unattached Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Armstong's Cavalry Regiment

Baker's Company, Arkansas Mounted Volunteers (30 days, 1861)

Brandenburch's Cavalry Regiment

Carlton's Cavalry Regiment

Carroll's Cavalry Regiment

Chrisman's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Coffee's Cavalry Regiment

Coleman's Cavalry Regiment

Conscripts Cavalry 

Crawford's Arkansas Cavalry Battalion

Cypert's Company, Arkansas Cavalry

Dan's Cavalry Regiment

Davies' Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Dobbin's Cavalry Regiment

Fagan's Cavalry Regiment

Fitzhugh's Cavalry Regiment

Ford's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Gaines'-McNally's Battery

Gipson's Battalion, Arkansas Mounted Riflemen

Gordon's Cavalry Regiment

Gunter's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Harrell's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Hill's Cavalry Battalion

Hindman's Cavalry Regiment

Hooker's Company, Arkansas Mounted Volunteers (30 days, 1861)

Independent Arkansas Cavalry

Jackman's Cavalry Regiment

Johnson's Cavalry Battalion

Leve's Cavalry Regiment

Logan's Cavalry Regiment

Martindale's Company, Arkansas State Cavalry

Matlock's Cavalry Battalion

McCown's-Hubbard's-Thrall's Battery

McGehee's Cavalry Regiment

McMurtrey' Cavalry Battalion 

Morgan's Cavalry Regiment

Morris' Guards, Arkansas Cavalry

Nave's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Nichols' Cavalry Regiment

Pall's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Poe's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Reeve's Company, Arkansas Cavalry

Rutherford's Cavalry Regiment

Sander's Cavalry Regiment

Shaver's Cavalry Regiment

Thompson's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Trader's Cavalry Regiment

Weber's Cavalry Regiment

Witherspoon's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Woosley's Battalion, Arkansas Cavalry

Wright's Cavalry Regiment


1st Arkansas Field Battery (McNalley's)

1st Regiment, Arkansas Light Artillery

2nd Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

3rd Battery, Arkansas Artillery

4th Field Battery, Arkansas Artillery (West's)

5th Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

7th Field Battery, Arkansas Artillery

8th Battery, Arkansas Artillery

Adams Artillery Battery

Appeal Light Artillery

Auston's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

Blocher's Battery

Brown's Battery, Arkansas Field Artillery

Bynn's Battery, Arkansas Artillery

Catall's Battery, Arkansas Artillery

Clark County Light Artillery Battery

Clarkson's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery (Helena Artillery)

Cockett's Battery, Arkansas Artillery

Crawford Light Artillery

Drew Light Artillery Battery

Dunnington's Battery, Arkansas Artillery

Etter's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

Fort Smith Artillery Battery

Hart's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery (1861-62) 

Hoadley's - Parks' Heavy Artillery Company

Hughey's Battery, Arkansas Artillery

Humphrey's Artillery Battery

Jackson Light Artillery Battery

Key's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

Marshall's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

Moore's Battery, Arkansas Artillery

Owen's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

Pine Bluff Artillery, Arkansas

Pulaski Light Artillery Battery

Reid's Battery, Arkansas Artillery

Rivers' Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

Thrall's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

Trigg's Battery, Arkansas Artillery

Washington Artillery Battery

West's Artillery Battery

Wiggin's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery

Witt's Battery, Arkansas Artillery

Zimmerman's Battery, Arkansas Light Artillery


Carvell's Arkansas Provost Guard

Arkansas Conscripts

Arkansas Miscellaneous

Arkansas Provost Guard

Unassigned Arkansas

Villmont Town Militia, Arkansas

Volunteers, Arkansas Militia

Willett's Company, Arkansas (Provost Guard)

Williamson's Unassigned Company, Arkansas

Jewish Soldiers

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