Army of Pensacola

  The forces at or near Pensacola, Florida, under Major-General Braxton Bragg, were designated the Army of Pensacola on October 22, 1861. Brigadier-General A. H. Gladden had temporary command in December, and Brigadier-General Samuel Jones took charge on January 27, 1862. The force then numbered eighty-one hundred men, divided among regiments from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. On March 13, the army was discontinued, the regiments entering the Army of the Mississippi or assigned for duty elsewhere. Pensacola was evacuated by the Confederate troops on the 9th of May.

        Brigadier-General Adley H. Gladden was born in South Carolina. He entered the Confederate army and was appointed a brigadier-general from Louisiana in September, 1861. He had a brigade at Pensacola, and was in temporary command of the Army of Pensacola in December, 1861, and was given command of a brigade in the Second Corps, Army of the Mississippi. He was mortally wounded at Shiloh April 6, 1862.

        Major-General Samuel Jones (U. S. M. A.. 1841) was born in Virginia, in 1820, and resigned his commission of captain in April, 1861, to enter the Confederate service. He was made major of artillery. He was acting adjutant-general of the Virginia forces in May and chief of artillery and ordnance in the Army of the Potomac from May to July, 1861. Appointed brigadier-general after the battle of Bull Run, he was assigned to the Army of Pensacola, in January, 1862, and the following month to the head of the Department of Alabama and West Florida. In April, he was given a division in the Army of the West, and in June, after having been appointed major-general in May, he was put at the head of a division in the Second Corps, Army of the Mississippi. After September, 1862, he commanded various departments in Tennessee and Virginia, being placed at the head of the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, in April, 1864. At the close of the war he was in charge of the Department of Florida and South Georgia. He died in Washington, D. C., April 1, 1887.

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