Army of East Tennessee- Army of Kentucky

        In February, 1862, Major-General E. Kirby Smith was sent to Knoxville to assume command of the troops in East Tennessee. With the army thus organized, it was intended to create a diversion in favor of General A. S. Johnston's operations with the Army of the Mississippi. The Army of East Tennessee was engaged in many minor engagements. On August 25th, the organization was designated the Army of Kentucky and was composed of three divisions. It led the advance in Bragg's invasion of Kentucky and was successful at the battle of Richmond, August 30th, raising great hopes for the Confederate conquest of Kentucky. On November 20, 1862, the Army of Kentucky was merged as Smith's Corps in the Army of Tennessee.
General Edmund Kirby Smith (U. S. M. A.. 1845) was born in St. Augustine, Florida, May 16, 1824, and served in the Mexican War, after which he was professor of mathematics at West Point. In April, 1861, he resigned his commission as captain to join the Confederates, becoming a brigadier-general in June. He was chief-of-staff to and had a brigade under General Joseph E. Johnston. He was seriously wounded at Bull Run. Early in 1862, as major-general, he was placed in command of the Army of East Tennessee (afterward Kentucky). In October of the same year he was made lieutenant-general and continued in the Department of East Tennessee. He was made general, and assumed command of the Trans-Mississippi Department in February, 1863. He surrendered his troops to Major-General Canby at Baton Rouge, May 26, 1865, having, the year before, defeated Major-General Banks in the Red River campaign. After the war, he devoted him self largely to education, becoming chancellor of the University of Nashville from 1870 to 1875, and later professor of mathematics at the University of the South. He died in Sewanee, Tennessee, March 28, 1893.

The Army of Kentucky was a Confederate army during the American Civil War.

The designation "Army of Kentucky" was given August 25, 1862 to the field army Kirby Smith led into eastern Kentucky during the Confederate Heartland Offensive.[2] The army was drawn from troops of the Confederate Department of Eastern Tennessee, which had been created with Smith as commander in February 1862.[1]

The army consisted of the infantry divisions of Henry Heth, Patrick Cleburne, Thomas J. Churchill and Carter L. Stevenson and two small cavalry brigades under John Morgan and John S. Scott.[1] After the Battle of Perryville, Kirby Smith was promoted and given command of the Department of Trans-Mississippi, and the army was incorporated into the Army of Tennessee.

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