Confederate State Regulars


1st Infantry Battalion (Forney's)

1st Infantry Regiment

1st Regiment, Chickasaw Infantry,  (Hunter's Indian Volunteers)

2nd Infantry Regiment

3rd Infantry Regiment

4th Infantry Regiment

5th (Smith's) Infantry Regiment

5th (Walker's) Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Battalion

9th Regiment, Confederate Infantry

Brooks' Battalion, Confederate Regular Infantry

Brush Infantry Battalion

Burroughs' Battalion, Partisan Rangers

Choctaw Infantry

Gillum's Regiment, Confederate Mounted Infantry (Mounted Riflemen)

Haskell's Company, Infantry

Confederate State Rangers

Tucker's Infantry Regiment


Wilkins' Company, Choctaw Infantry

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia

Confederate States Army 

Adding Confederate States Army.  Soldiers in the Confederate Army can be in any of the Infantry units listed above.  So being unable to find unit they are in, I will be adding the Confederate Army separate instead of listing them below.

Paul Hamilton--On the Army General Staff as a Captain
Powell C. Grady--Assistant Adjutant General Payne's Brigade

Charles Brewer--Surgeon General on General Robert E. Lee's Staff
James Harvey Alexander--Chaplain for the CSA
John M. Muse--Chaplain for the CSA
D. Parks Fleming--36th Military District Reserves
William Asberry Moses--Mining Bureau
James L. Vineyard--Camp of Instruction
William Beve Traylor, Sr.--Rogerson's Mil
Joseph Zebulon Woodrum--Co. F, 1st Engineer Troop??
Clement Carrington McPhail--General and Staff Officers, Non-Regimental Enlisted Men
Theodore O. Chestney--A.A.G. (assistant adjutant general)  Army of Northern Virginia


1st Squadron, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Holt's)

1st Cavalry Regiment

1st Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers

1st Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Rifles

1st Battalion, Chickasaw Cavalry

1st Battalion, Choctaw Cavalry, McCurtain's

1st Regiment, Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles

1st Regiment, Choctaw Mounted Rifles

1st Regiment Creek Mounted Volunteers

1st Regiment, Seminole Mounted Volunteers

1st Osage Battalion

1st Mississippi and Tennessee Battalion

1st Battalion, Trans-Mississippi  Cavalry

2nd Regiment Choctaw Cavalry

2nd Regiment, Confederate Cavalry

2nd Regiment Creek Mounted Volunteers

2nd Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers

3rd Cavalry Regiment

3rd Regiment Confederate Cavalry (Howard's)

3rd Regiment, Choctaw Cavalry  

6th Cavalry Battalion

6th Cavalry Regiment

7th Cavalry Battalion

7th Battalion, Confederate Cavalry (Prentice's)

7th Cavalry Regiment (Claiborne's Partisan Rangers)

8th Cavalry Regiment (Wade's)

8th Cavalry Regiment (Dearing's)

10th Cavalry Regiment

14th Cavalry Regiment

15th Cavalry Regiment

20th Regiment, Confederate Cavalry (Lay's)

Baxter's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry

Bell's Cavalry

Blake's Scouts

California Battalion Cavalry

Cherokee Regiment, Volunteer Cavalry

Clarkson's Battalion, Confederate Cavalry (Independent Rangers)

Consolidated Regiment, Missouri and Texas Cavalry

Dearing's Cavalry Regiment

Fosters Regiment, Confederate Cavalry

Harman's Cavalry Regiment

Lyon's Escort, Forrest's Cavalry

Mead's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry (Mead's Partisan Rangers)

Murchison's Battalion, Cavalry 

Powers' Regiment, Confederate Cavalry

Raum's Company, Confederate Cavalry (Warren Dragoons)

Shecoe's Chickasaw Battalion, Mounted Volunteers

Wood's Regiment, Confederate Cavalry (1st Mississippi Cavalry) (Wirt Adams' Regiment)

Young's (5th) Company, Retributors




1st Engineers Battalion

1st Engineers Regiment

2nd Engineers Regiment

3rd Engineers Regiment

4th Engineers Regiment

5th Regiment, Engineers


Topographical Engineers


1st Regular Battery, Confederate Light Artillery (Semmes') (Barnes')

4th Battalion, Artillery, Trans-Mississippi Department

Braxton's Battalion, Confederate Artillery

Courtney's Battalion, Confederate Artillery

Cunningham's Battalion, Confederate Artillery

Cutshaw's Battalion, Confederate Artillery

Davis' Company, Confederate Light Artillery

DeGournay's Battalion, Heavy Artillery

Dent's Battery, Light Artillery

Haskell's Battalion, Confederate Artillery

Huger's Battalion, Confederate Artillery

Kemper's Battalion, Reserve Artillery

Lewis' Battalion, Confederate Artillery

Lightfoot's Battalion, Artillery

Marshall's Company, Confederate Artillery (Brown Horse Artillery)

Martin's Battalion, Confederate Reserve Artillery

McIntosh's Battalion, Confederate Artillery

McLaughlin's Battalion, Confederate Artillery

Montague's Battalion, Confederate Heavy Artillery (4th Battalion)

Nelson's Battalion, Confederate Artillery

Page's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Carter's) (Braxton's)

Palmer's Battalion, Confederate Artillery (Robertson's)

Poague's Battalion, Artillery

Polk's Artillery   

Richardson's Battalion, Confederate Light Artillery

Smith's Battalion, Confederate Heavy Artillery

Stark's Battalion, Confederate Light Artillery

Stuart's Horse Artillery

White's Battery, Horse Artillery


Other Units 

Adjutant General Department

Ambulance Corps

Armory, Macon, Georgia

Armstrong's Battalion

Arsenal Battalion


Bradford's Corps, Scouts and Guards (Bradford's Battalion)

Breckenridge Division

Cherokee Regiment (Special Service)

Click's Company, Ordnance Scouts and Guards

Commissary Department


Cooper's Battalion, 1st Indian Brigade (Miscellaneous)

Cunningham's Ordnance Detachment (Cuyler's)

Davis' Company of Guides

Deneale's Regiment, Choctaw Warriors

Exchanged Battalion

Forrest's Scouts

Fort's Scouts

General and Staff Officers, Non-Regimental Enlisted Men

Hospital Department 

Infantry School of Practice

Inspector General Department

Invalid Corps

Jackson's Company

Lillard's Company, Independent Scouts and Rangers

Lyons' Scouts

Madison's Company, Mounted Spies and Guides (Phillips')

Marine Corps (Miscellaneous)

Martin's Escort

McDaniel's Company, Secret Service

Medical Department

Mexican Volunteers

CSA Miscellaneous


Nitre and Mining Bureau, War Department

Ochiltree's Detachment of Recruits

Ordnance Department

Pioneer Battalion

President's Guard

Provost Guard

Quartermaster Department

Sappers and Miners

Signal Corps

General and Staff Officers

Stirman's Regiment, Confederate Sharpshooters


Washington's Squadron of Indians (Reserve Squadron Cavalry)

Wheeler's Scouts (Hawkins') (Carter's) (1st Tennessee Mounted Scouts)


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