Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry Regimental Histories & Rosters


West Confederate Avenue, south of Spangler Woods, Gettysburg, Pa.

Floridians of Perry's Brigade. Comprised of the 2nd, 5th and 8th Florida Infantry. fought here with great honor as members of Anderson's Division of Hill's Corps and participated in the heaviest fighting of July 2 and 3, 1863. The brigade suffered 445 casualties of the 700 men present for duty.
Like all Floridians who participated in the Civil  War, they fought with courage and devotion for the ideals in which they believed by their noble example of bravery and endurance, they enable us to meet with confidence any sacrifice which confronts us as Americans.

Florida Monument, Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia


1st (Reserves) Infantry

1st Infantry Regiment

1st Special Infantry Battalion

2d Battalion, Infantry

2nd Infantry Regiment

3rd Infantry Regiment

4th Infantry Battalion

4th Infantry Regiment

5th Infantry Regiment

6th Infantry Battalion

6th Infantry Regiment

7th Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Regiment

9th Infantry Regiment

10th Infantry Regiment

11th Infantry Regiment

Aucilla Guards

Calhoun Rangers

Campbellton Boys

Columbia Trapiers

Concordia Infantry

Dixie Blues

Florida Advisory Board

Norwood's Company, Florida Home Guards

Old Guards

Poe's Company, Florida Reserves

Shellpoint Rangers

Taylor Eagles

Turner's Infantry Company (11th Infantry)

Wauchilla Militia

J. M. Kuraley--Co. A, 20th Florida Infantry????


1st Cavalry Regiment

1st Battalion, Special Cavalry

2d Cavalry Regiment

3d Cavalry Battalion

5th Cavalry Battalion

15th Confederate Cavalry (1st Regiment, Alabama and Florida Cavalry) (CSA)

Bartow Cavalry

Cpt. E. A. Fernandez Co. Detached Cavalry

Cpt. E. J. Lutterloh's Co.--Independent Cavalry

Cpt. F. A. Hendry's Co. Independent Cavalry

Florida Cavalry

Jackson Black Hawk Cavalry

Mounted Volunteers

Pickett's Company Cavalry

Smith's Company, Cavalry (Marianna Dragoons)


Abell's Light Artillery Company

Dunham's Light Artillery

Dyke's Company Light Artillery

Gambles Artillery

Kilcrease Light Artillery

Leon Light Artillery

Marion Light Artillery Battery

Milton Light Artillery

Parson's Company

Perry's Company, Light Artillery

Coast Guard

Florida Volunteer Coast Guards, Captain Henry Mulrenan

Coast Guards, Captain A. B. Noyes

Coast Guards, Captain James L. Miller

Coast Guards, Lieutenant Michael L. Shannahan

Coast Guards, Lieutenant Able Merander

Miscellaneous Units

Cadet Corps, Florida Military Institute

Fernandez's Mounted Company, Florida Supply Forces

Finegan's Brigade, Florida

Florida Commissary Department

Florida Conscripts

Florida Engineer Corps

Florida Home Guards (Misc)

Florida Quartermaster Department

Florida Supply Force

Harrison's Company, Florida (Santa Rosa Guards)

Key West Avengers, Florida (Misc)

McBride's Company, Florida Indians

Tampa City Guards, Florida (Misc)

Florida's Militia

Jewish Soldiers

Morton Confederates--Cpt. C. C. Henderson

Confederate Navy of Florida


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