Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry Regimental Histories

Monuments & Rosters

Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, Va.

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia
Confederate Memorial in Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia

Picture was taken and submitted by Kelly G.

Clay County Confederate Memorial

Battles Fought in the state of Georgia 




Buck Head Creek



Dalton I

Dalton II

Davis' Cross-Roads

Ezra Church

Fort McAllister I

Fort McAllister II

Fort Pulaski



Kennesaw Mountain

Kolb's Farm

Lovejoy's Station


New Hope Church

Peachtree Creek

Pickett's Mill


Ringgold Gap

Rocky Face Ridge

Utoy Creek


You will notice for each battle, there will be Generals listed for both the North and South.  On some of the Generals there are no backgrounds on them you can go to Generals of the Confederacy and find a background on the generals.  Just follow the link.


1st Battalion, Sharpshooters

1st City Battalion, Infantry (Columbus)

1st (Ramsey's) Infantry

1st Georgia Battalion

1st Confederate Battalion, Infantry 1st Battalion, Infantry (State Guards)
1st Infantry Regiment 1st Confederate Infantry (1st Confederate Regiment, Georgia Volunteers)
1st (Consolidated) Infantry Regiment 1st Regiment Light Duty Men
1st Local Troops, Infantry 1st Regiment Militia
1st (Olmstead's) Infantry 1st Regiment Georgia Regulars
1st (Fannin's) Reserves 1st (Symons') Reserves
1st Georgia Reserves 1st Infantry Regiment (State Guards)
1st Regiment State Line 1st Troops and Defenses (Macon)
1st Regiment (State Troops) 2d Battalion, Infantry (Independent)

2d Infantry Battalion Reserves

2nd Brigade Infantry (State Troops)

2d Battalion Sharpshooters

2d Battalion, Infantry (State Guards)

2nd Battalion, State Troops

2d Battalion Troops and Defenses (Macon)

2nd Republican Blues

2d Infantry Regiment

2d Regiment Militia

2d State Line 

2nd Regiment, Infantry, State Troops

3d Battalion, Sharpshooters 

3rd Regiment Infantry

3d Battalion Infantry

3d Battalion (State Guards)

3rd Regiment Militia

3d Regiment Reserves

4th Infantry Regiment 

4th Battalion Infantry

4th Battalion, Sharpshooters

4th Battalion, State Guards

4th Regiment Militia

4th Regiment Reserves

5th Infantry Regiment

5th Battalion, Infantry (State Guards)

5th Regiment Reserves

5th Regiment Militia

5th Infantry Regiment (State Guards)

5th Infantry Regiment (State Troops)

6th Infantry Regiment

6th Regiment Militia

6th Infantry (State Guards)

6th State Line

6th Regiment Reserves

7th Infantry Regiment (State Guards)

7th Infantry Regiment

7th Infantry Regiment (State Troops)

7th Regiment Militia

8th Battalion, Infantry

8th Regiment Militia

8th Infantry Regiment  

8th Infantry (State Guards)

9th Battalion Infantry

9th Infantry Regiment

9th Infantry Battalion (State Troops)

9th Infantry Regiment (State Guards)

9th Regiment Militia

10th Battalion, Infantry

10th Infantry Regiment

10th Regiment Militia

11th Regiment (State Troops)

11th Infantry Battalion (State Guards)

11th Regiment Militia

11th Battalion Infantry

11th Infantry Regiment

12th Infantry Regiment

12th Regiment Militia 

13th Battalion, Infantry (State Guards)

13th Infantry Regiment

14th Battalion, Infantry (State Guards)

14th Infantry Regiment   

15th Infantry Regiment

16th Infantry Regiment

17th Battalion, Infantry (State Guards)

17th Infantry Regiment

18th Battalion, Infantry

18th Battalion, Infantry (State Guards)

18th Infantry Regiment

19th Battalion, Infantry (State Guards)

19th Infantry Regiment

20th Infantry Regiment

20th Battalion Partisan Rangers

21st Infantry Regiment  

22d Infantry Regiment

23d Battalion, Infantry, Local Defense (Athens Battalion, Enfield Rifle Battalion)

23d Infantry Regiment

24th Infantry Regiment

25th Battalion, Infantry (Provost Guard)

25th Infantry Regiment

26th Battalion, Infantry

26th Infantry Regiment

27th Infantry Battalion

27th Battalion, Infantry (Non-Conscripts)

27th Infantry Regiment

28th Infantry Regiment

29th Infantry Regiment

30th Infantry Regiment

31st Infantry Regiment

32d Infantry Regiment

33rd Infantry Regiment

34th Infantry Regiment

35th Infantry Regiment

36th (Broyles') Infantry   

36th (Glenn's) Infantry Regiment

36th (Villepigue's) Infantry

36th Infantry Regiment

37th Infantry Regiment

37th Regiment Militia

38th Infantry Regiment

39th Infantry Regiment

40th Battalion, Infantry 

40th Infantry Regiment

41st Infantry Regiment

42d Infantry Regiment

43d Infantry Regiment

44th Infantry Regiment

45th Infantry Regiment

46th Infantry Regiment

47th Infantry Regiment

48th Infantry Regiment

49th Infantry Regiment

50th Infantry Regiment

51st Infantry Regiment

52d Infantry Regiment

53d Infantry Regiment

 54th Infantry Regiment

 55th Infantry Regiment

56th Infantry Regiment

57th Infantry Regiment

58th Infantry Regiment

59th Infantry Regiment

60th Infantry Regiment

61st Infantry Regiment

62nd Infantry Regiment

62nd Regiment Partisan Rangers

63d Infantry Regiment

 64th Infantry Regiment

65th Infantry Regiment

    66th Infantry Regiment 

Alexander's Company, Infantry  

Anderson's Company, Infantry (Anderson Guards)

Arsenal Battalion, Infantry (Columbus)

Athens Reserved Corps, Infantry

Atwater's Company, Infantry

Augusta Battalion, Infantry

Bard's Company, Infantry

Barney's Company, Infantry (Richmond Factory Guards)

Brook's Company, Infantry (Mitchell Home Guards)

Camden County Militia (Mounted)

Caraker's Company, Infantry (Milledgeville Guards)

Chapman's Company, Infantry (Defenders)

Cherokee Legion (State Guards)

City Battalion, Infantry (Columbus)

Clemon's Company

Cobb Guards

Cobb's Legion

Collier's Company

Cook's Battalion, Reserves, Infantry

Capt. Demons' Co., Infantry

Dozier's Company

Ezzard's Company

Floyd's Legion (State Guard)

Fuller's Company

Furlow's Battalion (Militia Reserve)

Garrison's Company

Green's Company

Grubb's Company 

Hamlet's Company

Hansell's Company (State Guard)

Harris Independent Company

Hendry's Company Mounted Infantry

Holme's Company   

Howard's Company

Capt. Hull's Co., Infantry 

Jones Company

Jackson's Company

Kay's Company

Lane's Company

Matthew's Company

Medlin's Independent Company


Milner's Company

Moore's Company

Morings Company

Phillip's Legion

Pool's Company

Porter's Company Railroad Guards

Preston's Company Railroad Guards

Russell's Company

Robert's Company Inf. (Exempts)

Rowland's Battalion (Conscripts)

Smith's Legion

Taylor's Company

Thorton's Company

Weem's Detention Camp Guards

White's Company

Whiteside's Naval Battalion 

Witt's Company

Wyly's Company

Youngblood's Battalion

Coast Guard Battalion

Georgia Conscripts

Miscellaneous, Georgia

Georgia Cadets

Quartermaster Department




1st Battalion, Cavalry

1st Cavalry Regiment

1st Battalion, Georgia Reserve Cavalry

1st Gordon Squadron, Cavalry (State Guards)

2d Battalion, Cavalry

2d Georgia Cavalry Regiment

2d Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)

3d Cavalry Regiment

3rd Cavalry Battalion

3d Cavalry (State Guards)

4th Cavalry (State Guards)

4th (Avery's) Cavalry Regiment

4th (Clinch's) Cavalry

5th Cavalry Regiment

6th Cavalry Regiment

6th Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

7th Cavalry Regiment

7th Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

8th Cavalry Regiment

8th Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

9th Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

10th Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

10th Cavalry Regiment (State Guards)

10th Cavalry Regiment

11th Cavalry Regiment (State Guards)

11th Cavalry Regiment

12th (Wright's) Cavalry (State Guards)

12th (Robinson's) Cavalry (State Guards)

12th Cavalry Regiment

12th Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

13th Cavalry Regiment

15th Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

16th Cavalry Regiment

16th Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

19th Battalion, Cavalry 

20th Battalion, Cavalry

21st Battalion, Cavalry 

 22d Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

23rd Cavalry Battalion

24th Battalion, Cavalry

29th Cavalry Battalion

62d Cavalry Regiment

Alexander's Company, Cavalry

Allen's Company, Cavalry

Arnold's Company, Cavalry

Asher's Company (Murray Cavalry)

Boddie's Company (Troup [County] Independent Cavalry)

Bond's Company, Cavalry (State Guards)

Camden County Militia, Mounted

Corbin's Company

Dorough's Battalion

Floyd's Company

Gatrell's Company

Halls' Company

Hardwick Mounted Rifles

Hendry's Company

Humphrey's Independent Co. (Reserves)

Capt. J. B. Read's Company

Logan's Company 

Mayer's Company

Nelson's Independent Company

Newburn's Company

Penberton's Company

Phillip's Legion Cavalry

Ragland's Company

Roswell's Battalion

Rumph's Company (Wayne Cavalry Guard)

Russell's Company

Waring's Company

Young's Company


9th Battalion, Artillery

11th Battalion, Artillery (Sumter Artillery)

12th Battalion, Light Artillery

14th Battalion, Light Artillery

22nd Battalion Light Artillery 22d Battalion, Heavy Artillery (Siege)

28th Battalion, Siege Artillery

Anderson's Battalion, Light Artillery

Baker's Company, Artillery

Barnwell's Battery, Light Artillery

Brooks' Company (Terrell Light Artillery)

Burtwell's-Girardey's-Pritchard's Battery

Campbell's Independent Company, Siege Artillery

Carlton's Company (Troup County Artillery)

Chatham Light Artillery

Cherokee Light Artillery

Chestatee Light Artillery

Clinch's Battery Light Artillery

Columbus Light Artillery

Croft's Battery Light Artillery

Daniel's Battery Light Artillery

Echols Light Artillery

Ferrell's Battery Light Artillery

Capt. Eraser's Battery, light Artillery

Etowah Iron Works Artillery (State Troops)

Fay's Battery (Etowah Iron Works Artillery) (State Troops)

Fraser's Battery Light Artillery

Griffin Light Artillery

Guerard's Battery Light Artillery 

Hamilton's Company Light Artillery

Hanleiter's Company, Georgia Light Artillery

Havis Battery Light Artillery

Howell's Company Light Artillery

Hudson's Company Light Artillery

King's Battery Light Artillery

Lumpkin's Company Artillery

Macon Light Artillery 

Martin's-Howell's Battery

Massenburg's Battery Light Artillery

Maxwell's Battalion Light Artillery

Capt. Maxwell's Regular light Battery, Artillery

Read's-Maxwell's Battery Light Artillery

Milledge's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery

Moore's Battery Artillery

Pritchard's Company Light Artillery

Pruden's Battery Artillery (State Troops)

Pulaski Light Artillery

Ritter's Company Light Artillery

Scogin's Battery Light Artillery

Siege Train Artillery (Major Buist's)

Slaten's Company Artillery

Stephens Light Artillery

Terrell Light Artillery

Tiller's Company Light Artillery

Troup Light Artillery, Georgia Volunteer Artillery

Van Den Corput Company Light Artillery

Wheaton's Company


Navy Vo lunteers 

Jewish Soldiers

Unknown Units

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