Confederate Regimental Information

Pleasant Riggs Crump.  He is buried in Hall Cemetery in Lincoln Alabama. 

On a lot of the States, the men listed that are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia died in the hospitals located there during the war.  Follow the links that are on the states represented for the dead.  You will need to hit your back arrow on your browser to return to where you were. 

I see a lot of these when I go to different Confederate cemeteries.  I shed a little tear for the men who fought and died and they are only "unknown".  I do see a LOT of headstones with the saying: "Unknown Confederate Soldier" on them.  Total shame.

Confederate Medal of Honor

The flag commonly called 'The Confederate Flag' was never actually the flag of the Confederacy. You know the one: red with a blue saltire Cross of St. Andrew, with 11 stars in the cross. In its rectangular form, this was the Confederate Naval Ensign (as well as the Battle Flag of the Army of Tennessee). In its square form, it was the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. It is also often referred to (incorrectly) as 'The Stars and Bars'. You may properly refer to it as the Confederate Naval Ensign, or as the Battle Flag of either the Army of Tennessee or the Army of Northern Virginia. Or, for simplicity, you can just call it 'The Confederate Battle Flag' or 'CBF' for short.

It should be noted that since the end of the war, a LOT of information was either lost or destroyed.  Especially with the Confederacy.  As you will notice with a LOT of the rosters for both the Union & Confederacy, a lot of them are incomplete or have no names.  Some units only have a few names that were found over the course of time.  Units that should have over 1,000 men's names, might only have 3-400 or maybe less.

Well, after not hearing from 2 of my friends for about 7 years or so, I have started to receive e-mails with rosters from them.  Mostly all Virginia.  One little problem, love the rosters, but they don't have the company listed for the soldiers in the Regiments.  I will be adding them (of course) without the Company designation.  As I go through them, I'll (hopefully) be adding the company to the names. 

Note: In most all of the rosters, you might see "No Further Record".  The reason I put this up is because the individual was not listed on the rosters.  Going through find-a-grave and other references, I would find someone and go to the Regiment/Unit they were listed as being in and I couldn't find them.  I would add them to that certain Regiment/Unit.  Being there was no information about the soldier, I would put in the remarks column "No Further Record". 

There are a LOT of names of soldiers that there are no companies listed and can't be found in any rosters that are listed.  I will be adding a separate section (Unknown) that will cover ALL states and will be listed below.  There will also be an area in the Northern section also.

Alabama Louisiana
Arizona Territory Maryland
Arkansas Medical Conditions, Definitions
Armies of the Confederacy Mississippi
Civil War Battles of 1861 thru 1865 Missouri
Commissary General Department North Carolina
Confederate Army/Marines Order of Battles
Confederate Navy Quartermaster General Department
Confederate Signal Corps South Carolina
Confederate States Regulars Staff Officers

The Constitution of the Confederate States of America

Surgeon General Department
Florida Tennessee
Generals of the Confederacy Texas
General Staff     Truth of Confederate history
Georgia Unknown Soldiers
Indians Virginia 
Kentucky West Virginia--Work in process
Cabinet of the Confederate States of America Confederate Campaigns

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