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Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan Georgia

I have been working on Kentucky for a long time and when I was going to add credit for who submitted the information to me got lost when my computer went down.  If you know where this information came from, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.    Thanks


1st Regiment, Infantry

2nd Regiment, Infantry Mounted

3rd Regiment, Infantry Mounted

3rd Regiment, State Guards (Misc)

4th Regiment, Infantry Mounted

5th Regiment, Infantry Mounted

6th Regiment, Infantry Mounted

7th Regiment, Infantry Mounted

8th Regiment, Infantry Mounted

9th Regiment, Infantry Mounted

17th Regiment, Infantry

Faulkner's Company, Kentucky (Partisan Rangers)

Ficklin's Battalion, Kentucky Infantry

Field's Company, Kentucky (Partisan Rangers)

King's Regiment, Kentucky (Partisan Rangers)

Lillard's Company, Kentucky (Partisan Rangers)

Morehead's Regiment, Kentucky (Partisan Rangers)

Patton's Battalion, Kentucky (Partisan Rangers)

Rowan's Company, Kentucky (Partisan Rangers)


E. Noel--Co. E, 29th Infantry (Note: No 29th Infantry)
Frank Arthur--Co. D, 3rd Ky Infantry
G. Tickers--Warthan's Ky Infantry
William Bind--Jackson's Ky Infantry


1st Regiment Cavalry Wolford's Cavalry

1st Regiment Cavalry

1st Battalion, Cavalry

1st Battalion, Mounted Rifles

1st Battalion, Cavalry (King's)

1st Regiment, Cavalry (Butler's)

1st Special Cavalry Battalion

1st Regiment, Cavalry (Helms')

2nd Battalion, Mounted Rifles

2nd Battalion, Cavalry (Brinsteir's)

2nd Regiment, Cavalry (Woodward's)

2nd Regiment, Cavalry (Duke's)

2nd Battalion, Cavalry (Dortch's)

2nd Regiment, Cavalry

3rd Regiment, Cavalry (Duke's Brigade)

3rd Battalion, Mounted Rifles

3rd Regiment, Cavalry

3rd Battalion, Cavalry

4th Battalion, Cavalry (Duke's Brigade)

4th Regiment, Cavalry

5th Regiment, Cavalry

6th Regiment, Cavalry

7th Regiment, Cavalry

8th Regiment, Cavalry

8th/12th Consolidated Regiment, Cavalry

9th Regiment, Cavalry

10th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry (Diamond's)

 10th Kentucky Partisan Rangers, Johnson's Cavalry

10th Regiment, Mounted Rifles

10th Regiment, Cavalry

11th Regiment, Cavalry   

12th Regiment, Cavalry

13th Regiment, Cavalry

14th Regiment, Cavalry

Bolen's Independent Company, Kentucky Cavalry

Buckner Guards, Kentucky Cavalry

Butlitt's Battalion, Kentucky Cavalry

Chenoweth's Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry

Dudley's Independent Kentucky Cavalry

Guerilla Rangers, Kentucky

Jenkin's Company, Kentucky Cavalry

Jenkins' Battalion, Kentucky Cavalry

Jesse's Battalion, Kentucky Mounted Riflemen

Kirkpatrick's Battalion, Kentucky Cavalry

Lyon's Kentucky Cavalry Brigade (Misc)

Malone's Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry

Sypert's Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry

Thompson's Company, Kentucky Cavalry


1st Light Artillery(Lyon's Artillery Battery or Cobb's Artillery Battery

Byrne's Company, Kentucky Horse Artillery

Cobb's Company, Kentucky Light Artillery

Corbin's Men, Kentucky

Corbitt's Company, Kentucky Artillery

Graves' Battery, Kentucky Artillery

Green's Battery, Kentucky Light Artillery

Kentucky Artillery (Misc)

McEnnis' Detachment, Kentucky Artillery

William's Battery, Kentucky Artillery (Misc)



Conscript, Kentucky

Morgan's Men, Kentucky

O'Neal's Battalion, Kentucky

Schofield's Company, Kentucky

5th Battalion, Kentucky (Misc)


1st Regiment, Engineers

3rd Regiment, Engineers

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