Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry Regimental Histories & Rosters


West Confederate Avenue, opposite Pitzer Woods. Gettysburg

Battles Fought in the state of Louisiana 

Baton Rouge

Blair's Landing



Fort Bisland

Fort De Russy

Forts Jackson & St. Phillip

Georgia Landing

Goodrich's Landing

Irish Bend

Kock's Plantation

LaFourche Crossing



Milliken's Bend

Monett's Ferry

New Orleans

Plains Store

Pleasant Hill

Port Hudson

Stirling's Plantation

Vermillion Bayou

Yellow Bayou

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Louisiana monument.  Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newman, Coweta County, Georgia


1st (Rightor's) Special Battalion, Infantry

1st (Strawbridge's) Infantry

1st (Wheat's) Special Battalion, Infantry

1st Battalion Infantry (State Guards)

1st Chasseurs a pied, Militia

1st Infantry (Nelligan's)

1st Native Guards, Militia

1st Reserves

2d Infantry Regiment
2d Reserve Corps

3d Infantry Regiment

4th Battalion, Infantry

4th Infantry Regiment

4th Infantry Regiment Volunteer

5th Infantry Regiment

5th (Hay's 'Fighting Tigers') Infantry

6th Infantry Regiment

7th Battalion, Infantry

7th Infantry Regiment

7th Infantry Regiment Volunteer

8th Infantry Regiment

9th Battalion Volunteer Infantry

9th Infantry Regiment

10th Battalion, Infantry

10th Infantry Regiment

11th Battalion, Infantry

11th Infantry Regiment

12th Infantry Regiment

13th/20th Infantry  

13th Battalion (Partisan Rangers)

13th Infantry Regiment

 14th (Austin's) Battalion, Sharp Shooters  

14th Infantry Regiment

15th (Weatherly's) Battalion, Sharp Shooters

15th Infantry  Regiment

16th Battalion, Infantry

16th Infantry Regiment

17th Infantry Regiment

18th Regiment Louisiana Infantry

19th Infantry Regiment

20th Infantry Regiment

21st (Kennedy's) Infantry Regiment

21st (Patton's) Infantry

22d (Consolidated) Infantry Regiment

22d (Theard's/Herrick's) Infantry (Originally 23rd)

25th Infantry Regiment

26th Infantry Regiment     

27th Infantry Regiment

28th (Gray's) Infantry Regiment

28th (Thomas') Infantry Regiment

30th Infantry Regiment

31st Infantry Regiment

Consolidated 18th Regiment and Yellow Jacket Battalion, Infantry

Consolidated Crescent Regiment (AKA: 24th Infantry Regiment)



Found a "complete" listing of all Louisiana Soldiers listed alphabetically.  It would be a real pain and time consuming to separate them into separate units so I am adding them according to the alphabet listed directly below.  They are all in .PDF format so you will need the PDF Reader.


Miscellaneous Infantry Units

Bickham's Company (Caddo Militia) Miles' Legion
  Bonnabel Guards, Militia   Millaudon's Company (Jefferson Mounted Guards)
  Borge's Company (Garnet Rangers), Militia   Miller's Independent Company, Mounted Rifles
  C. S. Zouave Battalion, Volunteers   Ordnance Detachment
  Catahoula Battalion   Pelican Regiment, Infantry
  Conscripts, Louisiana   Provisional Regiment, Louisiana Legion
  Fire Battalion, Militia   Red River Sharp Shooters
  Herrick's Company (Orleans Blues)   Reserve Corps
  Jeff Davis Regiment, Infantry   Sabine Reserves
  Lewis Regiment   Siege Train Battalion
  Louisiana and Government Employees Regiment   Watkins' Battalion, Reserve Corps
  Maddox's Regiment, Reserve Corps   Weatherly's Battalion, Infantry



Algiers Battalion, Militia  Crescent Cadets, Militia
Assumption Regiment, Militia  Delery's Company (St. Bernard Horse Rifles), Militia
Barr's (Captain) Independent Company (Blakesley Guards), Militia  French Company of St. James, Militia
Battalion British Fusileers, Militia Irish Regiment, Militia
Battalion French Volunteers, Militia Jackson Rifle Battalion, Militia
Beauregard Battalion, Militia  Knap's Company (Fausse River Guards), Militia
Beauregard Regiment, Militia Leeds' Guards Battalion, Militia
Bickham's (Captain) Company (Caddo Militia)  Lartigue's Company (Bienville Guards), Militia
Bond's (Captain) Company, Mounted Partisan Rangers  Lewis Guards, Militia
Bonnabel Guards, Militia  Mechanics Guard, Militia
Borge's (Captain) Company (Garnet Rangers), Militia  Mounted Rangers of Plaquemines, Militia
Bragg's Battalion, Militia Orleans Fire Regiment, Militia
Brenan's (Captain) Company (Company A, Shamrock Guards), Militia Pointe Coupee Light Infantry, Militia
British Guard Battalion, Militia St. James Regiment, Militia   
Cagnolatti's (Captain) Company, Cavalry (Chasseurs of Jefferson), Militia Terrebonne Regiment, Militia
Catahoula Battalion La Fourche Regiment, Militia
Cazadores Espanoles Regiment, Militia Orleans Guards Regiment, Militia
Chalmette Regiment, Militia Pointe Coupee Regiment, Militia
Claiborne Regiment, Militia  Squadron Guides d'Orleans, Militia
Confederate Guards Regiment, Militia  St. John the Baptist Reserve Guards, Militia
C. S. Zouave Battalion, Volunteers St. Martin's Regiment, Militia
 Continental Cadets, Militia Vermillion Regiment, Militia
 Continental Regiment, Militia  

State Guards

  1st Battalion Infantry (State Guards)
  1st Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)
  2nd Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards) 


1st Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

1st Battalion, Trans-Mississippi Confederate Cavalry (1st Battalion, Arkansas and Louisiana Cavalry) (CSA)

1st Cavalry Regiment

2d Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)

2d Cavalry Regiment

3d (Harrison's) Cavalry

3d (Wingfield's) Cavalry

3d Cavalry Regiment

4th Cavalry Regiment

5th Cavalry Regiment

6th Cavalry Regiment

7th Cavalry Regiment

8th Cavalry Regiment (PDF File)

9th Cavalry Regiment (Ogden's)

15th Cavalry Battalion

18th Battalion, Cavalry

Benjamin's Company Volunteer Cavalry

Cage’s Battalion Volunteer Cavalry

Cavalry Squadron (Independent Rangers of Iberville), Militia


Miscellaneous Cavalry Units

Benjamin's Company, Cavalry
Bond's Company, Mounted Partisan Rangers
Cagnolatti's Company, Cavalry (Chasseurs of Jefferson), Militia
Cole's Company, Cavalry
Dreux's Cavalry, Company A
 Dubecq's Company, Cavalry
Greenleaf's Company (Orleans Light Horse), Cavalry
 Lott's Company (Carroll Dragoons), Cavalry
Norwood's Company (Jeff Davis Rangers), Cavalry
Nutt's Company (Red River Rangers), Cavalry
Ogden's Cavalry (a.k.a. 9th Louisiana Cavalry)
Plains Cavalry
Webb's Company, Cavalry


1st Field Battery  Artillery

1st Regiment Heavy Artillery

2d Battalion, Heavy Artillery

2d Field Battery, Light Artillery

3d Battery (Benton's), Light Artillery

5th Field Battery (Pelican Light Artillery), Light Artillery

5th Company, Washington Battalion Volunteer Artillery (Hodgson's, Slocum's)

6th Field Battery (Grosse Tete Flying Artillery), Light Artillery

8th Battalion, Heavy Artillery

Boone's Battery

Bridge's Battery, Light Artillery Captain Robinson's Louisiana Horse Artillery

Donaldsonville Artillery (Donaldsonville Battery Volunteer Artillery, Maurin's, Landry's)

Lafayette Artillery, Militia

Moody's Company--Madison Artillery

McPherson's Battery (Orleans Howitzers), Militi

Orleans Guard Battery Louisiana Artillery

Pointe Coupee Artillery Battalion

St. Mary's Cannoneers Louisiana Artillery, Cornay's Company

Washington Artillery of New Orleans

Eugene Wythe Baylor--Artillery--Unknown unit

Miscellaneous Artillery Units

 Beauregard Battalion Battery, Artillery
 Bridge's Battery, Light Artillery
  Castellanos' Battery, Artillery
  Fenners Battery Louisiana Artillery
 Green's Company Artillery (Louisiana Guard Battery)
  Guyol's (Captain) Company (Orleans Artillery), Artillery
  Holmes' Company, Light Artillery
  Hutton's Company (Crescent Artillery, Company A), Artillery
  Kean's Battery (Orleans Independent Artillery), Artillery
  King's Battery (St. Martin's Rangers, Fuller's)
  Landry's Company (Donaldsonville Artillery), Artillery
  Le Gardeur's Company (Orleans Guard Battery), Light, Artillery
  Moody's Company (Madison Light Artillery), Artillery
  Watson Battery Volunteer Artillery (Beltzhoover's, Bursley's, Toledano's)

Jewish Soldiers

1st Division


1st Brigade
  3rd Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  4th Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
 2nd Brigade
  1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  2nd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  4th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
 3rd Brigade
  1st Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  2nd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  3rd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  4th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
European Brigade
  1st Regiment, European Brigade, Militia
  3rd Regiment, European Brigade (Garde Francaise), Militia
  4th Regiment, European Brigade, Militia
  5th Regiment, European Brigade (Spanish Regiment), Militia
  6th Regiment, European Brigade (Italian Guards Battalion), Militia
 French Brigade
  1st Regiment, French Brigade, Militia
  2nd Regiment, French Brigade, Militia
  3rd Regiment, French Brigade, Militia
  4th Regiment, French Brigade, Militia

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