Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry Regimental Histories & Rosters


West Confederate Avenue, opposite Pitzer Woods in Gettysburg

Battles Fought in the state of Mississippi 
Big Black River Bridge Brice's Cross Roads Champion Hill Chickasaw Bayou
Corinth Corinth 2 Grand Gulf Iuka
Jackson Meridian Okolona Port Gibson
Raymond Snyder's Bluff Tupelo Vicksburg

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Mississippi Monument in the Stonewall Cemetery, Winchester, Virginia

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia



1st (Foote's) Infantry (State Troops)

1st (Johnston's) Infantry Regiment

1st (King's) Infantry (State Troops)

1st (Patton's) Infantry Regiment (Army of 10,000)

1st (Percy's) Infantry (Army of 10,000)

1st Battalion, Infantry (Army of 10,000)

1st Battalion, Infantry

1st Regiment, Militia

1st Battalion, Sharp Shooters

1st Battalion, State Troops, Infantry, 12 months, 1862--63

1st Battalion, State Troops, Infantry, 30 days, 1864

1st Regiment Reserves

1st Infantry Regiment, (State Troops) (1864)

2nd Regiment, Militia

2nd Battalion, (State Troops)

2d (Davidson's) Infantry (Army of 10,000)

2d Regiment Infantry (State Troops)(Quinn's)

2d Battalion, Infantry

2nd Regiment, Reserves

2d Battalion, Reserves

2d Infantry Regiment

2d Regiment Partisan Rangers

2d Regiment Partisans

2d Regiment State Troops, 30 days

3d Battalion, Infantry 

3rd Battalion, Infantry (State Troops)

3d Battalion, Reserves 

3rd Regiment Reserves  

3d Infantry Regiment

3d Infantry Regiment (Army of 10,000)

3rd Brigade, State Troops

3rd Infantry Regiment (State Troops)

4th Regiment Infantry (State Troops)

4th Infantry Regiment

5th Infantry Regiment

5th Battalion, Infantry

5th Infantry Regiment (State Troops)

6th Infantry Regiment

6th Regiment Infantry (State Troops)

7th Battalion, Infantry

7th Infantry Regiment

8th Battalion, Infantry

8th Infantry Regiment

9th Infantry Regiment

9th Battalion Sharp Shooters

10th Regiment, Mississippi Rifles

10th Infantry Regiment

11th Infantry Regiment

12th Infantry Regiment

13th Infantry Regiment

14th (Consolidated) Infantry

14th Infantry Regiment

15th (Consolidated) Infantry 

15th Infantry Regiment

15th Battalion, Sharp Shooters 

16th Infantry Regiment

17th Infantry Regiment

18th Infantry Regiment

19th Infantry Regiment 

20th Infantry Regiment

21st Infantry Regiment

22d Infantry Regiment

23d Infantry Regiment

24th Infantry Regiment

25th Infantry Regiment

26th Infantry Regiment

27th Infantry Regiment

28th Infantry Regiment  

29th Infantry Regiment

30th Infantry Regiment

31st Infantry Regiment

32d Infantry Regiment

33d Infantry Regiment

34th Infantry Regiment

35th Infantry Regiment

36th Infantry Regiment

37th Infantry Regiment

38th Infantry Regiment

39th Infantry Regiment

40th Infantry Regiment

41st Infantry Regiment

42d Infantry Regiment

43d Infantry Regiment

44th Infantry Regiment

45th Infantry Regiment

46th Infantry Regiment

48th Infantry Regiment

51st Infantry Regiment

63rd Infantry Regiment

64th Infantry Regiment

72nd Infantry Regiment

73rd Infantry Regiment

84th Infantry Regiment

Adair's Company (Lodi Company)

Adam's Company (Holmes County Independent)

Applewhite's Company (Vaiden Guards)

Armistead's Company, Partisan Rangers

Army of 10,000, Mississippi

Barnes' Company of Home Guards

Barr's Company

Berry's Reserve Company (Merwin Guards)

Blythe's Battalion (State Troops)

Burt's Independent Company (Dixie Guards)

Camp Guard (Camp of Instruction for Conscripts)

Clayborne's Battalion 

Clayton's Company (Jasper Defenders)

Comfort's Company

Condrey's Company (Blue Mountain Invincibles)

Cooper's Company

Drane's Company (Choctaw Silver Greys)

D.J. Red's Company, Infantry (Red Rebels)

Fant's Company

Gordon's Company, (Local Guards of Wilkinson County)

Grace's Company, (State Troops)

Griffin's Company, (Madison Guards)

Hall's Company

Hind's County, Militia

H. N. Berry's Company, Infantry Reserve Force

Hudson's Company, (Noxubee Guards)

John J. Gage's Company (Wigfall Guards)

Kershaw Williams' Company, (Gray Port Greys)

Lewis' Company, Infantry

Mathew's Company, State Troops

Maxey's Company, Mounted Infantry

Maxwell's Company, State Troops (Peach Creek Rangers)

Gordon's Company

McCord's Company, (State Springs Company)

McLelland's Company, (Noxubee Home Guards)

Monroe Company, Reserves

Moore's Company, (Palo Alto Guards)

Morgan's Company, (Morgan Riflemen) 

Nash's Company, (Leake Rangers)

Packer's Company, (Pope Guards)

Page's Company, (Lexington Guards)

Partisan Regiment

Patton's Company, (State Troops)

Payne's Infantry Regiment  

Pike's Company

Planter's Guards

Ruth's Company, State Militia

S. S. Gage's Company, (Wigfall Guards)

S. W. Red's Company, State Troops

Stricklin's Company, (State Troops)

State Reserves

Stilwell's Company

Taylor's Company, (Boomerangs)

Terry's Company

Thomas Williams' Company

W.A. Gage's Company

Walsh's Company, (Muchalusha Guards)

Watts' Company, Home Guards

Wilkinson Country Minute Men

Wilson's Company, (Ponticola Guards)

Withers' Company, Reserve Corps


1st (McNair's) Battalion, Cavalry (State Troops)

1st (Miller's) Battalion, Cavalry

1st (Montgomery's) Battalion, Cavalry (State Troops)

1st Battalion, Trans-Mississippi Confederate Cavalry (1st Battalion, Arkansas and Louisiana Cavalry)

1st Cavalry Regiment

1st Regiment Cavalry Reserves

1st Choctaw Battalion, Cavalry

2d Regiment Reserve Cavalry

2nd Battalion, State Cavalry (Harris')

2d Cavalry Regiment

2d Regiment Cavalry Reserves

2nd Battalion Cavalry Reserves

2d Regiment State Cavalry

3d (Ashcraft's) Battalion, Cavalry

3d (Cooper's) Battalion, State Cavalry

3d Regiment Cavalry

3rd, 14th, & 38th Consolidated Regiment, Cavalry (See respective units)

3rd Regiment, Cavalry (State Troops)

3rd Regiment, Reserves

4th Battalion, Cavalry

4th Cavalry Regiment

4th Cavalry Regiment, Militia

5th Cavalry Regiment

6th Regiment, Cavalry Reserve

6th Battalion, Cavalry 

6th Cavalry Regiment

7th Cavalry Regiment   

8th Cavalry Regiment

8th (Wade's) Confederate Cavalry (2d Regiment, and Alabama Cavalry)

9th Cavalry Regiment

10th Cavalry Regiment

11th (Consolidated) Cavalry Regiment

11th (Ashcraft's) Cavalry

11th (Penns) Cavalry Regiment

12th Cavalry Regiment

13th Cavalry Regiment

14th Regiment Cavalry

15th Regiment, Cavalry

17th Battalion, Cavalry

18th Cavalry Regiment

19th Regiment Cavalry

20th Regiment, Cavalry

22nd Regiment Cavalry

24th Battalion, Cavalry (Moorman's)

26th Regiment, Cavalry

27th Regiment, Cavalry

28th Cavalry Regiment

30th Regiment, Cavalry

31st Regiment, Cavalry 

34th Regiment, Cavalry

38th Regiment, Cavalry

41st Regiment, Cavalry

Abbott's Company, Cavalry 

Ashby's Company, Cavalry Reserves

Bowen's Company (Chulahoma Cavalry)

Breckenridge's Escort, Cavalry

Brown's Company (Foster Creek Rangers), Cavalry

Buck's Company, Cavalry

Butler's Company, Cavalry Reserves

Collins' Cavalry  

Cox's Regiment, Cavalry

Crumby's Regiment, Cavalry

Davenport's Battalion, Cavalry (State Troops)

Drane's Company, Cavalry (Choctaw County Reserve)

Duncan's Company, Cavalry (Tishimingo Rangers)

Dunn's Company, Cavalry (Mississippi Rangers)

Edmundson's Regiment

Fay's Cavalry

Foote's Company, Mounted Men

Gamblin's Company, Cavalry

Garland's Battalion, Cavalry

Gartley's Company, Cavalry (Yazoo Rangers)

George's Brigade

Gibson's Company, Cavalry

Gillis' Company, State Reserves (Cavalry)

Gillenland's Battalion, (State Troops)

Gillam's Cavalry 

Gordon's Cavalry

Gordon's Company, Mississippi (Local Guards of Wilkinson County) 

Grace's Company, Cavalry

Graves' Company, (Copiah Horse Guards)

Hamer's Company, Cavalry (Salem Cavalry)

Ham's Regiment, Cavalry

Harvey's Scouts

Henderson's Company, Independent Scouts

Henley's Company, (Henley's Invincibles)

Hightower's Company

Hodge's Battalion of Cavalry ( State Troops)

Hodge's Battalion, Reserve Forces  

Holly Springs Regiment

Hudson's Company (Noxubee Guards)

Hughes' Battalion, Cavalry

Jeff Davis' Legion, Cavalry

Jones' Company, Cavalry (Misc.)

Knox's Company, Cavalry

Lake's Unattached Company, Mississppi Cavalry

Lynges' Battalion, Cavalry

Martland's Cavalry

Cavalry Reserve

Mitchell's Company, Cavalry Reserves

Montgomery Company, Scouts

Montgomery's Independent Company, State Troops (Herndon Rangers)

Morphis' Company of Scouts

Moseley's Regiment

Nelson's Regiment, Cavalry

Perrin's Battalion, State Cavalry

Perry's Scouts

Polk's Independent Company of Cavalry

Power's Regiment, Cavalry

Raum's Company, Cavalry (Warren Dragoons)

Rhodes' Company, Cavalry (Partisan Rangers)

Roach's Company, (Tippah Scouts)

Roger's Company, (Reserve Forces)

Russell's Company, Cavalry

Sander's Cavalry

Semple's Company, Cavalry

Shelby's Company, Cavalry (Bolivar Greys)

Shield's Company

Smith's Company, Partisan Rangers

Sooney's Regiment, Cavalry  

Stewart's Company (Yalobusha Rangers)

Stockdale's Battalion, Cavalry

Street's Battalion, Cavalry

Stubbs' Battalion, State Cavalry

Terrell's Unattached Company, Cavalry

Tippah County Reserves

T. P. Montgomery's Company

Unattached Cavalry

Vivion's Company, Cavalry

Weatherall Mounted Company

Williams' Company, Cavalry

Wilson's Independent Company, Mounted Men (Neshoba Rangers)

Wirt Adam's Cavalry Regiment

Yerger's Regiment, Cavalry

Yerger's Company, State Troops


1st Regiment Light Artillery

2nd Regiment, Artillery

3rd Battery, Artillery

5th Battery, Artillery

10th Battery, Artillery

14th Battalion, Light Artillery

18th Battery, Artillery

Bradford's Company (Confederate Guards Artillery)

Byrne's Battery, Artillery

Cook's Company, Horse Artillery

Culbertson's Battery, Light Artillery

Darden's Company, Light Artillery (Jefferson Artillery)

English's Company, Light Artillery

Grave's Company, Light Artillery (Issaquena Artillery)

Hoole's Company, Light Artillery (Hudson Battery)

Hoskin's Battery, Light Artillery (Brookhaven Light Artillery)

Kittrell's Company, Artillery (Wesson Artillery)

Lomar's Company, Light Artillery

Loring's Battery, Artillery

Merrin's Battery, Light Artillery

Rice's Battery, Artillery 

Richard's Company, Light Artillery (Madison Light Artillery)

Robert's Company, Artillery (Seven Stars Artillery)

Standefer's Company

Stanford's Company, Light Artillery

Swett's Company, Light Artillery (Warren Light Artillery)

Turner's Company, Light Artillery

Yates' Battery, Light Artillery


3rd Mississippi District

4th Regiment, Engineers

7th Congressional District, Mississippi

49th Regiment,

52nd Regiment,

Engineer Corps,

Longstreet's Field Park,

Loring's Escort,

Milton's Reserve Corps

Mississippi Cavalry

Mississippi Conscripts

Mississippi Miscellaneous

Mississippi Regiment (Misc.)

Mississippi Reserve Forces

Moore's Volunteers

Moore's Company, Unattached Reserves

Supporting Force, Monroe County,


Unattached Reserves

Reserve Force

State Troops

State Militia

Mississippi Reserves

Jewish Soldiers

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