North Carolina

Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry Regimental Histories and Rosters


West Confederate Avenue, near McMillan Woods

North Carolina Organizations in the Army of Northern Virginia at the battle of Gettysburg
July 1-3 1863
6th, 21st, 57th Infantry--Hoke's Brigade of Early's Division
1st, 3rd Infantry--Steuart's Brigade of Johnson's Division
32nd, 43rd, 45th, 53rd Infantry and 2nd Battalion--Daniel's Brigade of Rodes Division
5th, 12th, 20th, 23rd Infantry--Iverson's Brigade of Rodes Division
2nd, 4th, 14th, 30th Infantry--Ramseur's Brigade of Rodes Division
11th, 26th, 47th, 52nd Infantry--Pettigrew's Brigade of Heth's Division
55th Infantry--Davis Brigade of Heth's Division
7th, 18th, 28th, 33rd, 37th Infantry--Lane's Brigade of Pender's Division
13th, 16th, 22nd, 34th, 38th Infantry--Scale's Brigade of Pender's Division
1st North Carolina Artillery--Battery A--McLaws Division
Branch (North Carolina) Artillery Hood's Division
Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery Hood's Division
Charolette (North Carolina) Artillery--Pender's Division
1st Cavalry--Hampton's Brigade--Stuart's Division of Cavalry
2nd, 4th Cavalry--Robertson's Brigade--Stuart's Division of Cavalry
5th Cavalry--W. H. F. Lee's Brigade--Stuart's Division of Cavalry
North Carolina
To the eternal glory of the North Carolina Soldiers who on this Battlefield displayed heroism unsurpassed. Sacrificing all in support of their cause. Their valorous deeds will be enshrined in the hearts of men long after these transient memorials have crumbled into dust.
Thirty-two North Carolina Regiments were in action at Gettysburg July 1, 2, 3 1863. One Confederate soldier in every four who fell here was a North Carolinian.
This tablet erected by the North Carolina Division United Daughters of the Confederacy

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia

Battles Fought in the state of North Carolina 

Albemarle Sound



Fort Anderson

Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher-2

Fort Macon

Goldsborough Bridge

Hatteras Inlet Batteries


Monroe's Cross Roads

New Berne


Roanoke Island

South Mills

Tranter's Creek


White Hall


Wyse Fork

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1st Infantry Regiment

1st Regiment, Infantry (6 months, 1861)

1st Infantry Battalion (Sharpshooters)

2nd Infantry Battalion

2nd Infantry Regiment

3rd Infantry Regiment

4th Infantry Regiment

5th Infantry Regiment

6th Infantry Regiment

7th Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Regiment

9th Battalion, Sharpshooters

10th Regiment, Infantry

11th Regiment, Infantry (Bethel Regiment)

12th Infantry Regiment

13th Infantry Regiment

13th Infantry Battalion

14th Infantry Regiment

15th Infantry Regiment

16th Infantry Regiment

17th Infantry Regiment

17th Infantry Regiment - 1st organization

17th Infantry Regiment - 2nd organization

18th Infantry Regiment

19th Infantry Regiment

20th Infantry Regiment

21st Infantry Regiment

22nd Infantry Regiment

23rd Infantry Regiment

24th Infantry Regiment

25th Infantry Regiment

26th Infantry Regiment

27th Infantry Regiment

28th Infantry Regiment

29th Infantry Regiment 

30th Infantry Regiment

31st Infantry Regiment

32nd Regiment, Infantry (Lenoir Braves)  

33rd Infantry Regiment

34th Infantry Regiment

35th Infantry Regiment

36th Infantry Regiment and State Troops (see 2nd Arty)

37th Infantry Regiment

38th Infantry Regiment

39th Infantry Regiment

42nd Infantry Regiment

43rd Infantry Regiment

44th Infantry Regiment

45th Infantry Regiment

46th Infantry Regiment

47th Infantry Regiment

48th Infantry Regiment

49th Infantry Regiment

50th Infantry Regiment

51st Infantry Regiment

52nd Infantry Regiment

53rd Infantry Regiment

54th Infantry Regiment

55th Infantry Regiment

56th Infantry Regiment

57th Infantry Regiment

58th Infantry Regiment

60th Infantry Regiment

60th Infantry Co. K Consolidated with 58th

61st Infantry Regiment

62nd Infantry Regiment

64th Regiment, Infantry (Allen's)

66th Infantry Regiment

67th Infantry Regiment (1st Local Defense Troops)

68th Infantry Regiment

69th Regiment, Infantry

Thomas' Legion

Walkers Bn. Thomas's NC Legion

Naval Battalion NC Infantry (Misc)

Unknown Soldiers

Jewish Soldiers

10th Infantry Battalion--Partisans



1st Militia - Currituck County

2nd Militia - Camden County

3rd Militia - Pasquotank County

4th Militia - Perquimmans County

5th Militia - Chowan County

6th Militia - Hertford County

7th Militia - Gates County

8th Militia - Bertie County

9th Militia - Bertie County

10th Militia - Martin County

11th Militia - Washington County

12th Militia - Tyrell County

13th Militia - Hyde County

14th Militia - Beaufort County

15th Militia - Craven County

16th Militia - Craven County

17th Militia - Pitt County

18th Militia - Carteret County

19th Militia - Jones County

20th Militia - Lenoir County

21st Militia - Onslow County

22nd Militia - New Hanover County

23rd Militia - New Hanover County

24th Militia - Sampson County

25th Militia - Sampson County

26th Militia - Duplin County

27th Militia - Wayne County

28th Militia - Wayne County

29th Militia - Greene County 

30th Militia - Edgecombe County

31st Militia - Edgecombe County  

32nd Militia - Nash County

33rd Militia - Wilson County

34th Militia - Halifax County

35th Militia - Halifax County  

36th Militia - Northampton County

37th Militia - Warren County

38th Militia - Wake County

39th Militia - Wake County

40th Militia - Franklin County

41st Militia - Johnston County

42nd Militia - Granville County

43rd Militia - Granville County

44th Militia - Person County

45th Militia - Orange County

46th Militia - Orange County

47th Militia - Caswell County

48th Militia - Alamance County

49th Militia - Chatham County

50th Militia - Chatham County

51st Militia - Moore County

52nd Militia - Harnett County

53rd Militia - Cumberland County

54th Militia - Cumberland County

55th Militia - Bladen County

56th Militia - Brunswick County

57th Militia - Columbus County

58th Militia - Robeson County

59th Militia - Robeson County 

60th Militia - Richmond County

61st Militia - Richmond County

62nd Militia - Montgomery County

63rd Militia - Randolph County

64th Militia - Randolph County

65th Militia - Davidson County

66th Militia - Davidson County

67th Militia - Guilford County 

68th Militia - Guilford County

69th Militia - Rockingham County

70th Militia - Rockingham County

71st Militia - Forsythe County

72nd Militia - Stokes County

73rd Militia - Surry County

74th Militia - Surry County

75th Militia - Yadkin County

76th Militia - Rowan County

77th Militia - Davie County

78th Militia - Iredell County

79th Militia - Iredell County

80th Militia - Anson County

81st Militia - Anson County

82nd Militia - Union County

83rd Militia - Stanly County

84th Militia - Cabarrus County

85th Militia - Mecklenburg County

86th Militia - Mecklenburg County

87th Militia - Gaston County

88th Militia - Lincoln County

89th Militia - Catawba County 

90th Militia - Cleveland County

91st Militia - Cleveland County

92nd Militia - Wilkes County

93rd Militia - Wilkes County

94th Militia - Alexander County

95th Militia - Caldwell County

96th Militia Alleghany County

97th Militia- Ashe County

98th Militia - Watauga County

99th Militia - Mitchell County

100th Militia - Burke County

101st Militia - Burke County

102nd Militia - McDowell County

103rd Militia - Rutherford County 

104th Militia - Rutherford County

105th Militia - Polk County

106th Militia - Henderson County

107th Militia - Transylvania County

108th Militia - Buncombe County

109th Militia - Buncombe County

110th Militia - Madison County

111th Militia - Yancey County

112th Militia - Haywood County

113th Militia - Jackson County

114th Militia - Macon County

115th Militia - Cherokee County

116th Militia - Clay County

117th Militia - Johnston County

118th Militia - Wake County

119th Militia - Union County

120th Militia - Rowan County

121st Militia - Forsythe County

Clark's Special Battalion, Militia

State Militia


1st Battalion Junior Reserves

2nd Battalion Junior Reserves

1st Regiment, Junior Reserves

1st Brigade, Reserves

2nd Regiment, Junior Reserves

2nd Regiment, Senior Reserves

3rd Battalion, Junior Reserves

3rd Battalion, Senior Reserves

4th Battalion, Junior Reserves

4th Regiment, Senior Reserves

5th Regiment, Senior Reserves

6th Regiment, Senior Reserves

7th Regiment, Senior Reserves

7th Battalion, Junior Reserves

8th Regiment, Senior Reserves

8th Battalion, Junior Reserves 

9th Battalion, Junior Reserves

70th Regiment Junior Reserves 

70th Regiment Junior Reserves--Part 2

71st Regiment Junior Reserves

72nd Regiment Junior Reserves

73rd Regiment Senior Reserves
74th Regiment Senior Reserves

Hart's Company, Senior Reserves

Hill's Battalion, Reserves 

Littlejohn's Battalion, Reserves  

McCorkle's Battalion, Senior Reserves

16th Regiment, Reserves


1st Cavalry (9th State Troops)

2nd Cavalry (19th State Troops)

3rd Cavalry (41st State Troops)

4th Cavalry Regiment (59th State Troops)

4th Battalion Cavalry (absorbed into 7th Cavalry)

5th Cavalry Regiment (63rd State Troops)

5th Battalion Cavalry

6th Cavalry (65th State Troops)

7th Regiment Cavalry (69th State Troops)

7th Battalion Cavalry

8th Battalion Cavalry Partisan Rangers

8th Regiment Cavalry

9th Regiment Cavalry

10th Regiment, Cavalry

11th Battalion Cavalry

12th Battalion Cavalry -- Company G

12th Battalion Cavalry

13th Battalion Cavalry--Companies B & E

14th Battalion, Cavalry

15th Battalion Cavalry

16th Battalion Cavalry

19th Regiment Cavalry

9th Regiment Troops (1st Regiment Cavalry)(See above) 

19th Regiment Troops (2nd Regiment Cavalry)

41st Regiment Troops (3rd Regiment Cavalry)

59th Regiment Troops (4th Regiment Cavalry)

63rd Regiment Troops (5th Regiment Cavalry)

65th Regiment Troops (6th Regiment Cavalry)

69th Regiment Troops (7th Regiment Cavalry)

19th Regiment Cavalry-Same as 2nd Rgt. Troop

41st Regiment Cavalry

75th Regiment Cavalry 

Howard's Company Cavalry

McRae's Battalion Cavalry

Spencer's Independent Cavalry Company

Swindell's Company Partisan Rangers

Thomas Legion Cavalry Battalion



1st Artillery (10th State Troops)

1st Battery, Artillery

1st Battalion Heavy Artillery

2nd Artillery Regiment (36th State Troops)

3rd Battalion Light Artillery

3rd Artillery Regiment (40th State Troops)

4th Battery, Artillery

4th Regiment, Artillery

5th Battalion Light Artillery

8th Battalion, Heavy Artillery

10th Regiment, Heavy Artillery

13th Battalion Light Artillery

14th Battalion, Artillery

22nd Regiment Artillery

36th Regiment Artillery

40th Artillery Regiment

Harrington Light Artillery

Levi's Battery, Light Artillery, Thomas' Legion

Moseby's Company, Sampson Artillery

Reserve Light Artillery

Thomas' Light Battery


Home Guards

1st Battalion Home Guard

2nd Battalion, Home Guards

3rd Regiment, Home Guards

4th Regiment, Home Guards

5th Regiment, Home Guards

6th Regiment, Home Guards

6th Battalion Armory Guards

7th Regiment, Home Guards

8th Regiment, Home Guards

9th Regiment, Home Guards

11th Battalion, Home Guards

47th Battalion, Home Guards

59th Regiment, Volunteers (see 4 Cav)

63rd Regiment, Home Guards

Captain Croom's Company NC Local Defense Troops 11th Battalion


Local Defense Troops 

2nd Battalion, Local Defense Troops

Allen's Company, Local Defense

Gibb's Company, Local Defense

Local Defense (Provost Guard, Goldsboro, )

Hoskin's Company, Local Defense

Howard's Cavalry Company, Local Defense

Lee's Company, Local Defense

Nelson's Company, Local Defense

Snead's Company, Local Defense

Miscellaneous Companies

1st Regiment, Volunteers

1st Regiment, Detailed Men

2nd Regiment, Detailed Men

2nd Regiment, Conscripts

2nd Regiment Invalid Corps

Bank's Company, (John W.F.)

Cox's, Company L.D.F.

Cumberland County Battalion,

Doughton's Company, (Alleghany Greys)

Giddin's Company, Detailed and Petioned Men

Griswaid's, Company L.D.T.

Howard's Company, Prison Guards

Jones Company, Supporting Force

Lawrence's NC Company

Hooks Battalion

Mallefto Battalion, (Camp Guards)

Malleft's, Company

McDugaid's, Company

McIlhenny's Company,

McMillan's, Company



Junior Reserves


Ordinance Department 

Provost Guard, Invalid Corps

General and Staff Officers, Infantry

Raleigh NC City Guards

Corps of Cadets 

Swindell's Company, Partisan Rangers

Unassigned Conscripts,

Wagon Shop

Wallace's Company, Wilmington R.R. Guards

Worth's Battalion,

McLean's Battalion, Light Duty Men

McDonough's Company NC Provost Guard

Galloway's Company, NC Coast Guard

Brown's NC Company

North Carolina men in the CS Navy

Roll of North Carolinians enlisted in the C. S. Navy at Wilmington

Officers on Conscript Duty in N. C.


State Troops

3rd Battalion, State Troops

3rd Regiment, State Troops

6th Regiment, Infantry State Troops

12th Regiment, State Troops

19th Regiment State Troops

26th Regiment, NC State Troops

36th Regiment, Infantry and State Troops
(see 2nd Arty)

40th Regiment, State Troops (see 3rd Arty)

111th Regiment, State Troops

Bass' Unattached Company, State Troops

State Troops

Townsend's Company, State Troops

William S. Cook--Co. A, 60th N.C. State Troops 
John T. Fraley--Co. E, 2nd N.C. State Troops
W. T. Harbison--Co. B, 11th N.C. State Troops
J. J. Jordan--31st N.C. State Troops
Henry Granville Thompson--Co. F, 44th N.C. State Troops
Samuel Huey Walkup--F&S, 48th N.C. State Troops
Henry Yow--Co. H, 42nd N.C. State Troops
Thomas Lafayette Lowe--F&S, 28th N.C. State Troops
Alexander J. Bethune--Co. A, 63rd N.C. Infantry

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