Beauregard's Company, Light Artillery
(Ferguson's Company, Light Artillery)


Ferguson's Battery was organized in April, 1862, at Charleston, South Carolina. After serving in South Carolina, the unit moved to Mississippi and fought under General Gist at Jackson. Later it joined the Army of Tennessee and was assigned to Palmer's, R. Martin's, and R. Cobb's Battalion of Artillery. Not engaged at Chickamauga, the battery served with the army from Chattanooga to Nashville. However, most of the men and all of its guns were captured at Nashville. Captains R.T. Beauregard and T.B. Ferguson were in command. It was armed with two 6-lb. Smoothbores and two 12-lb. Napoleons. The unit was captured by the 119th Illinois Infantry Regiment at Nashville, Tennessee on December 16, 1864.


Vicksburg Campaign MS (MAY - JUL 1863)
Jackson MS (14 MAY 1863)
Chickamauga GA (19-20 SEP 1863)
Chattanooga Siege GA (SEP - NOV 1863)
Chattanooga TN (23 - 25 NOV 1863)
Atlanta Campaign GA (MAY - SEP 1864)
Atlanta Siege (JUL - SEP 1864)
Nashville TN (15 - 16 DEC 1864)

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