Jeter's Company Light Artillery
(Macbeth Light Artillery)
(Boyse Company Light Artillery)


Macbeth Light Artillery was organized during the summer of 1861 with men raised in Berkeley County. It served in the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, then in mid-July, 1862, moved to Virginia. The company sustained 13 casualties at Second Manassas and 19 during the Maryland Campaign. Later it was ordered to Mississippi and after fighting at Jackson returned to South Carolina. In April, 1864, the unit was stationed at Charleston with 3 officers and 116 men. It then was attached to J.B. Palmer's Brigade in the Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia and served in East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. In March, 1865, there were 5 officers and 92 men present for duty. It disbanded in April. Captains Robert Boyce and B.A. Jeter were in command.

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