Other Names: Ft. Lamar, James Island

Location: City of Charleston

Campaign: Operations against Charleston (June 1862)

Date(s): June 16, 1862

Principal Commanders: Brig. Gen. Henry Benham [US]; Brig. Gen. Nathan Evans [CS]

Forces Engaged: 8,600 total (US 6,600; CS 2,000)

Estimated Casualties: 889 total (US 685; CS 204)

Description: Early June 1862, Maj. Gen. David Hunter transported Horatio G. Wright’s and Isaac I. Stevens’s Union divisions under immediate direction of Brig. Gen. Henry Benham to James Island where they entrenched at Grimball’s Landing near the southern flank of the Confederate defenses. On June 16, contrary to Hunter’s orders, Benham launched an unsuccessful frontal assault against Fort Lamar at Secessionville. Because Benham was said to have disobeyed orders, Hunter relieved him of command.

Result(s): Confederate victory

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