South Carolina

Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry Regimental Histories & Rosters


West Confederate Avenue, south of the Millerstown Road, Gettysburg



State Seal

That men of honor might forever know the responsibilities of freedom. Dedicated South Carolinians stood and were counted for their heritage and convictions. Abiding faith in the sacredness of states rights provided their creed here many earned eternal glory.


First Army Corps
Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet

McLaws Division                                 Hood's Division
Kershaw's Brigade                                    Artillery
Brig. Gen. J. B. Kershaw                 German Artillery
2nd South Carolina Infantry            Palmetto Light Artillery
3rd South Carolina Infantry            Artillery Reserve
7th South Carolina Infantry            Alexander's Battalion
8th South Carolina Infantry            Brook's Artillery
15th South Carolina Infantry
3rd South Carolina Infantry Battalion


Third Army Corps                                                     Cavalry
Lieut. Gen. A. P. Hill                                          Stuart's Division
Pender's Division                                          Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart
First Brigade                                                       Hampton's Brigade
1st. (Gregg's) South Carolina Infantry       Brig. Gen. Wade Hampton
1st South Carolina Rifles                          1st South Carolina Cavalry
12th South Carolina Infantry                    2nd South Carolina Cavalry
13th South Carolina Infantry                    Stuart Horse Artillery
14th South Carolina Infantry                    Hart's Battery
Artillery Reserve
Pegram's Battalion
Pee Dee Artillery

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia

Battles Fought in South Carolina

Charleston Harbor

Charleston Harbor-2

Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter-2

Fort Wagner

Fort Wagner, Morris Island

Grimball's Landing

Honey Hill

Rivers' Bridge


Simmon's Bluff


1st Regiment Infantry (Butler's)

1st (Charleston) Battalion, Infantry (Gaillard's Battalion)

1st Infantry Regiment (Gregg's)

1st Regiment Reserves

1st Infantry Regiment (Hagood's)

1st (McCreary's) Infantry (1st Provisional Army)

1st (Orr's) Infantry Regiment Rifles

1st Battalion, Sharpshooters

1st Battalion State Troops**

1st Battalion

1st Regiment Infantry, 6 months, 1861

1st Regiment Mounted Militia

1st Regiment Infantry

1st Regiment Rifles, Militia (Branch's Rifle Regiment)

1st Regiment, Militia (Charleston Reserves)

1st Regiment State Troops, 6 months, 1863--64

1st Regiment Militia

1st Regiment Pioneers

1st Battalion Reserves

1st Regiment Mounted Reserves

1st Regiment Charleston Guard

First (1st) Regiment South Carolina State Troops Junior Reserves (State Militia)

1st Battalion Senior Reserves 

2d Battalion, Sharpshooters

2d Infantry Regiment (2d Palmetto Regiment)

2d Regiment Reserves, 90 days, 1862--63

2d Infantry Regiment Rifles

2nd Regiment

2nd Regiment Militia    

2nd Regiment Infantry Reserve

2nd Regiment Cadets Infantry

2nd Battalion Reserves

2nd Battalion

2nd Battalion Infantry

2d Regiment State Troops 6 months, 1863--64

3d (Lawren's and James') Battalion, Infantry

3d Battalion Reserves

3d Infantry Regiment

3d Reserves, 90 days, 1862--63

3d Regiment State Troops, 6 months, 1863--64

3rd Regiment Reserves

4th Battalion, Reserves

4th Infantry Regiment

4th Regiment Heavy Infantry

4th Regiment State Troops

4th Regiment Militia

4th Regiment Reserves

5th Battalion Reserves (Brown's)

5th Regiment Militia Infantry

5th Infantry Regiment

5th Regiment Rifles

5th Regiment Reserves, 90 days, 1862--63

5th Regiment State Troops

6th (Byrd's) Battalion, Infantry

6th (Merriwether's) Battalion, Reserves 

6th Infantry Regiment

6th Regiment Reserves, 90 days, 1862--63

7th (Nelson's) Battalion, Infantry (Enfield Rifles)

7th (Ward's) Battalion, State Reserves

7th Infantry Regiment

7th Regiment Militia

7th Regiment Reserves 90 days, 1862--63

8th (Stalling's) Battalion, Reserves

8th Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Regiment Reserves

9th Battalion, Infantry (Pee Dee Legion)

9th Infantry Regiment  

9th Regiment Reserves, 90 days, 1862--63

9th Regiment Reserves 1 year

10th Infantry Regiment

11th Infantry Regiment (9th Volunteers)

11th Reserves 90 days, 1862--63

12th Infantry Regiment

13th Battalion, Infantry (4th and Mattison's)

13th Infantry Regiment

14th Infantry Regiment

14th Militia Regiment

15th Infantry Regiment

15th Regiment Militia

16th and 24th (Consolidated) Infantry

16th Infantry Regiment (Greenville Regiment)

16th Regiment, Militia

17th Infantry Regiment

17th Regiment, Militia

18th Infantry Regiment

18th Regiment, Militia

19th Infantry Regiment

20th Infantry Regiment

20th South Carolina Militia, Sumter District 

21st Infantry Regiment

22d Infantry Regiment

23d Infantry Regiment (Hatch's Regiment, Coast Rangers)

24th Infantry Regiment

24th Militia Infantry

25th Infantry Regiment (Eutaw Regiment)

25th Militia Infantry

26th Infantry Regiment

27th Infantry Regiment (Gaillard's Regiment)

28th Infantry Regiment

29th Infantry Regiment

33rd Infantry Regiment

34th Infantry Regiment

34th Regiment South Carolina State Senior Reserves

37th Infantry Regiment

38th Infantry Regiment

40th Infantry Regiment

42nd Regiment

43rd Infantry Regiment

47th Infantry Regiment

51st Regiment Infantry

Advisory Board Infantry

Aiken's Mounted Infantry

Battalion State Cadets, Local Defense Troops Charleston

Belton Mounted Rifles

Blake's Independent Battalion Infantry

Blanchard's Brigade

Blann's Battalion Infantry 

Charbonnier's Company, Militia (Pickens Rifles)

Charleston Arsenal Battalion (Infantry)

Columbia Local Defense Regiment South Carolina State Troops

Conscripts South Carolina (Infantry)

Darrough's Battalion Infantry

Dotterer's Company Ordnance Guards (Local Defense Troops)

Duncan's Militia

Durham's Battalion

Estill's Co., Infantry, Local Defense (Arsenal Guard, Charleston) (Infantry)

Frashier's Independent Battalion Infantry

Frenche's Company Infantry  

Hamilton's Co., Provost Guard (Infantry)

Hampton Legion

Hayard's Battalion Infantry

Holcombe Legion (Infantry)

Hutton's Infantry

Invalid Corps

Kirk's Battalion

Local Defense Troops Infantry

Manigault's Battalion, Volunteers (Infantry)

Neal's Battalion

Ordnance Guards ( Dotterer) (Infantry)

Palmetto Sharpshooters (Jenkins Regiment)(1st Palmetto)

Rhett's Co. (Brooks Home Guards) (Infantry)

Rump's Regiment Infantry

Senn's Co. Post Guard (Infantry) 

Shiver's Company Local Defense Troops

Simon's Co. Volunteers (Etiwan Rangers)

Simon's Co. (Infantry)

South Carolina Conscripts, Camp of Instruction, Columbia

South Carolina Infantry

South Carolina Militia

Symons' Company, South Carolina Sea Fencibles

Trenholm's Company Militia (Rutledge Mounted Riflemen)

Walker's Battalion Infantry


Jewish Soldiers

A. M. Daniel--Co. I, 1st S.C. Infantry (Can't find him in any 1st S.C. Infantry units.  Need better information)M. C. L. Linam--Co. I, 1st S.C. Infantry
Edwin Kennison--Palmetto Guard.  (Don't have a listing for the Guard.  Need to get one.)
I. L. Lassiter--Manley's Battery.  (Don't have a listing for the Battery.  Need to find one.) (Possibility this battery was in North Carolina as they had a Manley's Battery.)
John M. Wetzel--Appiers S.C. Corps. (Don't have a listing for the Corps.  Need to find one)
M. McGauph (McGaugh)--Co. C, 1st SC Infantry (Can't find him in any 1st S.C. Units. (Need better information)


1st Cavalry Regiment

1st Cavalry Battalion

2d Cavalry Regiment

2d Battalion, Cavalry Reserves

3d Cavalry Regiment

4th Battalion, Cavalry

4th Cavalry Regiment (Rutledge)

4th Regiment, Cavalry Militia

5th Cavalry Regiment (Fergusons)

6th Regiment Cavalry (Aiken's Partisan Rangers) (1st Partisan Rangers)

7th Cavalry Battalion (Prentice's)

7th Cavalry Regiment

8th Cavalry Regiment

9th Regiment Cavalry

10th Battalion, Cavalry

11th Regiment Cavalry

11th Battalion Cavalry

12th Cavalry Regiment

12th Battalion, Cavalry (4th Squadron Cavalry)

14th Battalion, Cavalry

15th Regiment Cavalry

16th Regiment Cavalry

16th Cavalry Battalion (Aiken's 1st Regiment SC Partisan Rangers) 

17th (6th) Battalion, Cavalry

19th Battalion, Cavalry

A. C. Eagle's Cavalry

Allen's Company Cavalry

A. W. Cordies' Co. Cavalry (North Santee Mounted Rifles)

Barlen's Independent Company Cavalry 

Brabham's Independent Company Cavalry

De Saussure's Squadron Cavalry

Earle's Company Cavalry

Hamptons Cavalry Regiment

Hampton Legion Cavalry Battalion

Hender's Battalion

Holcombe Legion Cavalry Battalion

Independent Company Local Troops Cavalry

Kirk's Co., Partison Rangers

Mason's Company Cavalry

Mim's Independent Company Cavalry

Percival's Independent Company, South Carolina Cavalry

Rodgers' Co. Cavalry (State Troops)

Rutledge's Co. Cavalry Militia

Shaw's Company Cavalry

South Carolina Cavalry

Theodore Cordies' Co. (Cavalry Militia (German Hussars)

Tucker's Co. Cavalry

Walker's Squadron Cavalry

Walpole's Co. Cavalry (Stono Scouts)

West's Independent Company Cavalry

Wilson's Independent Company Cavalry


1st Artillery Battalion

1st Artillery Regiment

1st Artillery Regiment Heavy

1st Artillery Regiment Militia

1st Battery

2d Artillery Regiment

2nd Regiment Heavy Artillery

3d (Palmetto) Battalion, Light Artillery

4th Regiment Artillery

 9th Regiment Artillery

15th (Lucas') Battalion, Heavy Artillery

18th Artillery Battalion

18th Regiment Artillery

22nd Regiment Artillery

Bachman's Co. Art illery (German Light Artillery)

Beauregard's Company, Light Artillery (Ferguson's Company, Light Artillery)

Charleston Arsenal Battalion

Child's Company, Artillery

Ferguson's Battalion Artillery

Fickling's Co. Artillery (Brooks Light Artillery)

Gailliard's Co. Light Artillery (Santee Light Artillery)

Garden's Co. Light Artillery (Palmetto Light Battery)

Gilchrist's Co. Heavy Artillery (Gist Guard)

Gregg's Co. Artillery (McQueen Light Artillery)

Hampton Legion Artillery Battalion 

Hart's Co. Horse Artillery, Volunteers (Washington Artillery)

Higgins' South Carolina Artillery 

Jeter's Co. Light Artillery (Macbeth Light Artillery/Boyse Company Light Artillery)

Johnson's Horse Artillery Battery

J. T. Kanapaux's Co. Light Artillery (Lafayette Artillery)

Kelly's Co., Light Artillery (Chesterfield Artillery)

Lee's Co. Artillery

Lock's Battery

Manigault's Battalion Artillery

Mathewes' Company Heavy Artillery (Bonneau's)

Mayham Ward's Co. Artillery (Waccamaw Light Artillery)

Melchers's Co Artillery (Co. B. German Artillery)

Parker's Co. Light Artillery (Marion Artillery)

Rhett's Artillery

South Carolina Beaufort Artillery Battery

South Carolina PeeDee Light Artillery Battalion

Stuart's Co., Artillery (Beaufort Volunteer Artillery)

Trenholm's Co. Rutledge Mounted Riflemen and Horse Artillery

Wagener's Company Light Artillery (Company A, German Artillery)

Walker's Artillery

Walter's Co. Light Artillery (Washington Artillery

Ward's Company Artillery (Waccamaw Light Artillery) 

Williams' Battery Artillery

Zimmerman's Co., Artillery (Pee Dee Artillery)

Medical Department
South Carolina Military Academy
South Carolina (Miscellaneous)
South Carolina Reserves

South Carolina River Corps
South Carolina Telegraph Corps
7th Regiment Engineers
The Engineering Corps
South Carolina 9th Militia Regiment - Upper Battalion

South Carolina 9th Militia Regiment - Lower Battalion
South Carolina 10th Militia Regiment-Denny Company

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