20th Infantry Regiment










20th Infantry Regiment was orgaanized at Orangeburg, South Carolina, during the winter of 1861-1862. Many of the men were recuirted in Sumter, Orangeburg, and Calhoun counties. For some time the unit served in the Charleston area attached to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. In the spring of 1864 it moved to Virginia and was assigned to General Kershaw's, Kennedy's, and Conner's Brigade. The 20th participated in the Battle of Cold Harbor, saw action in the Shenandoah Valley with Early, and ended the war in North Carolina. On Morris Island from July 10 to September 6, 1863, it lost 9 killed and 24 wounded. During this time on August 29, the regiment reported 24 officers and 283 men present for duty. At the Battle of Bentonville it sustained 7 casualties and on March 23, 1865, totalled 243 effectives. They surrendered on April 26. The field officers were Colonels Stephen M. Boykin and Laurence M. Keitt, Lieutenant Colonels Olin M. Dantzler and Paul A. McMichael. And Majors Mimms and John M. Partlow.

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