Holcombe Legion (Infantry)










Holcome Legion was organized during the fall of 1861 with a cavalry and infantry battalion. The four-company cavalry battalion served for a time with the legion, was assigned to the Department of Richmond, and eventually became part of the 7th South Carolina Cavalry Regiment. The infantry battalion was formed with eight companies, later increased to ten. During the war it was attached to Evans', Elliot's, and Wallace's Brigade. After serving in South Carolina it moved to Virginia and fought at Second Manassas, South Mountain, and Sharpsburg. The unit was then sent to North Carolina and later Mississippi. It was active at Jackson, moved to Charleston, and in the spring of 1864 returned to Virginia. Here it participated in the long Petersburg siege north and south of the James River and the Appomattox Campaign. This command lost 24 killed and 131 wounded at Second Manassas, had 18 wounded during the Maryland Campaign, and in September, 1863, totalled 276 men. It surrendered 2 officers and 30 men. The field officers were Colonels William J. Crawley, Stephen Elliot, Jr., W. Pinkney Shingler, and P.F. Stevens; Lieutenant Colonels F.G. Palmer and Thomas V. Walsh; and Majors A.C. Garlington and Martin G. Zeigler.

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