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Battles Fought in Tennessee

Bean's Station


Blue Springs


Bull's Gap

Campbell's Station








Fair Garden

Fort Donelson

Fort Henry

Fort Pillow

Fort Sanders




Hatchie's Bridge

Hoover's Gap





Mossy Creek




Parker's Cross Roads


Spring Hill

Stones River

Thompson's Station

Vaught's Hill



West Confederate Avenue, south of McMillan Woods


Valor and courage were
virtues of the three
Tennessee Regiments


West Confederate Avenue, south of McMillan Woods


This memorial is dedicated to the memory of the men
who served in the 1st (PACS), 7th, and 14th Tennessee Infantry Regiments,
Archer's Brigade, Heth's Division, Third Army Corps,
Army of Northern Virginia
They fought and died for their convictions.
Performing their duty as they understood it.

                          Killed  Wounded  Wounded & Missing  Missing
1st Tennessee              6        67              1            104
7th Tennessee              5        26             20             60
14th Tennessee             5        25             16             81
                           ----    -----        ------       -------
                            16       118             37            245

      Present June 30, 1863
          1st Tennessee Prov.   29 Officers, 238 Men=267     
          7th Tennessee         33 Officers, 243 Men=276
         14th Tennessee         25 Officers, 207 Men=232

Oak Hill Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia


1st Regiment Infantry (Turney's)

1st Regiment Infantry (Field's)

1st Battalion Infantry (Colms')

1st Regiment Infantry

1st Regiment Zouaves

1st Battalion State Troops

2nd Consolidated Regiment Infantry

2nd Regiment Infantry

2nd Regiment Infantry (Walker's)

2nd Regiment Infantry (Robinson's)

3rd Battalion Infantry

3rd Regiment Mounted Infantry (Lillard's)

3rd Consolidated Regiment Infantry

3rd Regiment Battalion

3rd Regiment Infantry (Clack's)

4th Regiment Infantry

4th Battalion Infantry

5th Battalion Partisan Rangers

5th Regiment Infantry

6th Regiment Infantry

7th Regiment Infantry

8th Regiment Infantry

9th Regiment Infantry

10th Regiment Infantry

11th Regiment Infantry

12th Regiment Infantry (Consolidated)

12th Regiment Infantry 12th-22nd-47th Consolidated

13th Regiment Infantry    

14th Regiment Infantry

15th Regiment Infantry

16th Regiment Infantry

17th Regiment Infantry

18th Regiment Infantry

19th Regiment Infantry

20th Regiment Infantry

21st Regiment Infantry

22nd Battalion Infantry (Murray's)

22nd Regiment Infantry (Freeman's)

23rd Regiment Infantry (Keeble's)

23rd Battalion Infantry (Newman's)

24th Regiment Infantry

24th Battalion Sharpshooters

25th Regiment Infantry

26th Regiment Infantry

27th Regiment Infantry

28th Consolidated Regiment Infantry

28th Regiment Infantry (2nd Mountain Volunteers)

29th Regiment Infantry

30th Regiment Infantry

31st Regiment Infantry

32nd Regiment Infantry

33rd Regiment Infantry

34th Regiment Infantry

35th Regiment Infantry

36th Regiment Infantry

37th Regiment Infantry

38th Regiment Infantry

39th Regiment Mounted Infantry

40th Regiment Infantry

 41st Regiment Infantry

42nd Regiment Infantry   

43rd Regiment Infantry

44th Consolidated Regiment Infantry

44th Regiment Mounted Infantry

45th Regiment Infantry

46th Regiment Infantry

47th Regiment Infantry

48th Regiment Infantry (Nixon's)

48th Regiment Infantry

48th Regiment Infantry (Voorhies')

49th regiment Infantry

50th Regiment Infantry

50th Consolidated Regiment Infantry

51st Regiment Infantry

51st Consolidated Regiment Infantry

52nd Regiment Infantry

53rd Regiment Infantry

54th Regiment Infantry

55th Regiment Infantry (McKoin's)

55th Regiment Infantry (Brown's)

55th Regiment Infantry

57th Regiment Infantry

58th Regiment Infantry

59th Regiment Infantry (Cooke's)

60th Regiment Infantry (Crawford's)

61st Regiment Infantry (Pitts')

62nd Regiment Infantry (Rowan's)

63rd Regiment Infantry (Fain's)

84th Regiment Infantry

114th Regiment Infantry (Misc.)

114th Regiment Infantry

121st Regiment Militia

134th Infantry Regiment Miscellaneous   

154th Senior Regiment Infantry (1st Tennessee)

Bailey's Consolidated Regiment Infantry

Blair's Company Local Defense Troops

Collins' Battalion

Crew's Battalion Infantry

Douglas' Battalion Partisan Rangers

Greer's Regiment Partisan Rangers

Harman's Regiment Infantry

Holman's Battalion Partisan Rangers

Holmes' local Company Volunteers

McLin's Company Local Defense Troops

Memphis Greys

Miller's Company Local Defense Troops

Nashville Battalion Infantry (Hawkins')

Park's Company Local Defense Troops

Patterson's Regiment Infantry

Sowell's Detachment, Tennnessee Infantry

Spencer's Company Infantry

Sullvan County Reserves Local Defense
Tackitt's Company Infantry Unknown

Jewish Soldiers


Consolidated Regiments
1st (Maney's/Feild's)-27th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment (25th Tennessee Infantry Regiment)
2nd (Walker's)-21st Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment (5th Confederate Infantry; 9th Confederate Infantry; 5th Confederate Regiment, Tennessee Infantry)
3rd (Clack's)-18th-30th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
4th and 5th Consolidated Regiment Infantry
6th-9th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
8th-28th-84th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
11th and 29th Consolidated Regiment Infantry
12th-22nd-47th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
12th and 14th Regiment Infantry (Consolidated)
13th-154th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
15th-37th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment (7th Regiment Provisional Army, 1st East Tennessee Rifle Regiment)
17th-23rd Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
25th-44th-55th (McKoin's) Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
31st-33rd Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
34th-24th (Btln) Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment (4th Confederate Regiment, Tennessee Infantry)    
35th-48th (Nixon's) Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment (temporary) (5th Regiment Provisional Army, 1st Mountain Rifle)
35th and 57th Consolidated Regiment
45th-23rd (Btln) Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
46th-55th (Brown's) Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment (56th Tennessee Infantry)
48th (Voorhies')-54th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment (48th (Nixon's) Infantry)
49h-50th-7th (Texas) Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment (temporary) (Bailey's Tennessee Infantry Regiment)
50th-1st (Colms' Btln) Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
51st-52nd Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment
1st Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (1st-27th, 6th-9th, 8th-28th-84th and 16th Regiment and 34th-24th Sharpshooters)
2nd Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (11th-29th, 12th-22nd-47th, 13th-154th, 50th and 51st-52nd Regiments)
3rd Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (4th-5th, 19th, 24th, 31st-33rd, 35th, 38th and 41st Regiments and 22nd Battalion)    
4th Consolidated Regiment, Tennessee Infantry (5th Confederate, 3rd-18th-30th, 10th, 15th-37th, 20th, 26th and 32nd Regiments and 45th-23rd Btln)



C. B.  Carter--Co. G, 4th Starnes Cavalry Regiment

1st Regiment Cavalry (Carter's)

1st Regiment Cavalry

1st Battalion Cavalry (McNairy's)

2nd Battalion Cavalry (Biffle's)

2nd Regiment Cavalry

2nd Regiment Cavalry (Ashby's)

2nd Regiment Cavalry (Smith's)

3rd Regiment Cavalry (Forrest's)
3rd (Lillard's) Cavalry (3rd Mounted Infantry, 3rd (Vaughan's) Infantry) 4th Battalion Cavalry (Branner's)

4th Regiment Cavalry

4th Regiment Cavalry (McLemore's)

4th Regiment Cavalry (Murray's)

5th Battalion Cavalry (McClellan's)

5th Regiment Cavalry (McKenzie's)

5th Regiment Cavalry

6th Regiment Cavalry (Wheeler's)

7th Regiment Cavalry

7th Battalion Cavalry (Bennett's)

7th Regiment Cavalry (Duckworth's)

8th Regiment Cavalry (Smith's)

9th Regiment Cavalry (Ward's)

9th Battalion Cavalry (Gantt's)

9th Regiment Cavalry

10th Regiment Cavalry

10th Regiment Cavalry (DeMoss)

10th/11th Consolidated Regiment Cavalry

11th Regiment Cavalry (Holman's)

11th Battalion Cavalry (Gordon's)

11th Regiment Cavalry

12th Regiment Cavalry (Green's)

12th Battalion Cavalry (Day's)

12th Regiment Cavalry   

13th Regiment Cavalry

13th Regiment Cavalry (Gore's)

14th Regiment Cavalry (Neely's)

14th Regiment Cavalry

15th Regiment Cavalry (Consolidated)

15th Regiment Cavalry

15th Regiment Cavalry (Stewart's)

16th Battalion Cavalry (Neal's)

16th Regiment Cavalry (Logwood's)

16th Regiment Cavalry

17th Regiment Cavalry (Marshall's)

17th Battalion Cavalry (Sander's)

18th Regiment Cavalry (Newsome's)

19th Regiment Cavalry (Biffle's)

19th Consolidated Regiment Cavalry

20th Regiment Cavalry

20th Regiment Cavalry (Russell's)

21st Battalion Cavalry

21st Consolidated Regiment Cavalry

21st Regiment Cavalry (Carter's)

21st Regiment Cavalry

21st Regiment Cavalry (Wilson's)

22nd Regiment Cavalry (Nixon's)

22nd Regiment Cavalry

22nd Regiment Cavalry (Barteau's)

24th Regiment Cavalry

25th Regiment Cavalry

25th Batalion Cavalry

26th Regiment Cavalry

27th Battalion Cavalry

28th Regiment Cavalry (Hay's)

29th Regiment Cavalry

31st Regiment Cavalry

55th Regiment Cavalry    

Anderson's Company Cavalry

Allison's Squadron Cavalry

Clark's Independent Company Cavalry

Cooper's Regiment Cavalry

Cotter's Battalion Cavalry

Cox's Battalion Cavalry

Forrest's Tennessee Cavalry

Franklin's Cavalry

Howard's Tennessee Cavalry

Howsley's Battalion Cavalry

Jackson's Company Cavalry

Jackson's Cavalry Regiment

Kizer's Tennessee Cavalry

Lay's Tennessee Cavalry

McCann's Squadron Cavalry

Milton's Tennessee Cavalry

Napier's Battalion Cavalry

Newsome Regiment Cavalry

Nixon's Consolidated Regiment Cavalry

Parton's Company Cavalry

Robinson's Tennessee Cavalry

Rowan's Tennessee Cavalry

Shaw's Battalion Cavalry

Stone's Company A, Lyons Tennessee Cavalry

Tennessee Cavalry (Misc.)

Welcker's Battalion Cavalry State Troops

William's Company Cavalry

Wilson's Tennessee Cavalry

Woodward's Company Cavalry

General Nathan Bedford Forest's Escort Co



1st Battalion Light Artillery

1st Battery (Miscellaneous)

1st Regiment Light Artillery

1st Regiment Heavy Artillery

1st Battery

2nd Battery Artillery

2nd Battery Artillery (Misc.)

10th Tennessee Artillery (Miscellaneous)

13th Battery Artillery (Miscellaneous)

Akers Battery Artillery (Montgomery Heavy Artillery)

Anstill's Battery Heavy Artillery

Artillery Corps of Tennessee

Barry's Company Light Artillery

Baxter's Company Light Artillery

Bibb's Company Artillery

Browne's Company Light Artillery

Burrough's Company Light Artillery

Caruther's Company Heavy Artillery

Fisher's Company Artillery

Huggin's Company Light Artillery

Johnston's Company Heavy Artillery

Kain's Company Light Artillery

Lynch's Company Light Artillery

Marshall's Company Artillery

Marven's Battery Artillery

McClung's Company Light Artillery

Monsarrat's Company Light Artillery

Morton's Company Light Artillery

Palmer's Company Light Artillery   

Phillip's Company Light Artillery

Polk's Battery Light Artillery

Ramsey's Company Artillery

Rice's Battery Light Artillery

Scott's Company Light Artillery

Sparkman's Company Light Artillery

Sterling's Company Heavy Artillery

Stewart's Company Artillery

Tobin's Company Light Artillery

Ward's Battery Artillery

Weller's Company Light Artillery

Winston's Company Light Artillery



Tennessee Conscripts

Tennessee Engineer Corps

Tennessee Detailed Conscripts

Tennessee Conscripts (Camp of Instruction)

Tennessee (Misc.)

Tennessee Detailed Conscripts (Local Defense)

Tennessee Provost Guard

Tennessee Quartermaster Department

Tennessee Railroad Guards

Tennessee Reserves

Starnes Escort (Misc.)

Unassigned Tennessee

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