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Maryland State Monument Antietam
Across the Hagerstown Turnpike from the Dunker Church

Monument Text

Light Artillery, C.S.A.
Organized at Richmond, Va.
August 17, 1861

Battles engaged in:
Harpers Ferry; Winchester; Front Royal; Cross Keys; Port Republic; Woodstock; Gaines' Mills; Malvern Hill; Bristoe Station; Cunningham's Ford; Groveton; Rappahannock; Second Manassas; Antietam; Yellow Tavern; Carlisle; Gettysburg; Culpepper C.H.; Mine Run; Brandy Station; Chambersburg; Leestown; Frederick; OldTown; Waynesboro; Maurytown.

Captain John B. Brockenbrough
Captain William G. Griffin
Lieut. William B. Beam
Lieut. John McNulty
Lieut. James T. Wilhelm
Lieut. John w. Goodman

Purnell Legion, Maryland
Infantry, U.S.A.
Organized at Pikesville,
Maryland, October 1861
Mustered out October 24, 1864.

Battles engaged in:
Harpers Ferry, Catlett's Station; Chantilly; South Mountain; Antietam; Harpers Ferry, July 27, 1863; Shady grove; Bethesda Church; Cold Harbor; Petersburg, June 18, 1864; Seige of Petersburg; Weldon Railroad; Popular Grove Church; Chapel House;
Peeble's Farm. Field

Colonel William H. Purnell
Colonel William J. Leonard
Colonel Samuel A. Graham
Lieut. Col. John G. Johannes
Lieut. Col. Benjamin L. Simpson
Major William J. Taylor
Major William T. Fulton
Major Robert G. King

"Wolcott's" Battery "A"
8 Guns, First Maryland
Light Artillery, U.S.A.
Organized at Baltimore, and
Pikesville, Md., Aug. 1861.
Re-enlisted and veteranized Jan. 1, 1864 Mustered out March 11, 1865.

Battles engaged in:
Seven Days Fighting Before Richmond; Deep
Bottom; Second Bull Run; Crampton's Gap;
Antietam; Fredericksburg; Marye's Heights; Salem
Heights; Gettysburg.

Captain John W. Wolcott
Captain James H. Rigby
1st Lieut. Thomas Binyon
1st Lieut. Lowell A. Chamberlain
2nd Lieut. Edgar G. Taylor
2nd Lieut. Frank I. Witcher
2nd Lieut. Augustine McIntire
2nd Lieut. John F. Daneker

Fifth Regiment Maryland
Infantry, U.S.A.
Organized at Baltimore, Maryland September 12, 1861
Re-enlisted and Veteranized
January 1, 1864, mustered out
September 1, 1865.

Battles engaged in:
Antietam; Charlestown, Va.; Winchester, Va.; June 13, 14, 15,1863; Stephenson's Depot; Siege of Petersburg; Battle of the Crater; Fort Harrison; Siege of Richmond, 1864; Fair Oaks, October 27, 1864; Occupation of Richmond, April 3, 1865.

Field Officers
Colonel William Louis Schley
Colonel William W. Bamberger Lieut. Col. John G. Holland
Lieut. Col. Charles A. Holton
Lieut. Col. Salome Marsh
Lieut. Col. Stephen P. Heath
Major Leopold Blumenburg
Major Henry G. Graham
Major William H. Irving


First Maryland (Dement's)
Battery C.S.A.
Organized at Fredericksburg, Va.
July 1861.

Battles engaged in:
Mechanicsville; Gaines Mills; Malvern Hill; Groveton; Manassas; Harpers Ferry; Antietam; Fredericksburg, December, 1862, Mar. 1863; Gettysburg; Locust Grove; Payne's Farm; Cold Harbor; Petersburg; Appomattox.

Captin R. Snowden Andrews
Captain William F. Dement
Lieut. John Gale Lieut. Hill

Third Regiment Maryland
Infantry, U.S.A.
Organized at Baltimore, Md., June, 1861
Re-enlisted and Veteranized
February 1, 1864
Mustered out July 31, 1865.

Battles engaged in:
Cedar Mountain; Antietam; Chancellorsville; Gettysburg; Wilderness; Spotsylvania; North Anna; Cold Harbor; Petersburg; Battle of the Crater; Poplar Springs Church; Assault on Petersburg, April 3, 1865.

Field Officers
Captain Alonzo Snow
Captain Lucius A. Gerry
1st Lt. Theodore J. Vanneman
1st Lieut. James H. Kidd
2nd Lieut. John M. Bullock
2nd Lieut. Leonard S. Parker
2nd lieut. William Taylor
2nd Lieut. Enos T. Hall


Second Regiment Maryland
Infantry, U.S.A.
Organized at Baltimore, Md., June 1861
Re-enlisted and Veteranized January 1, 1864 Mustered out July 25, 1865.

Battled engaged in:
Groveton; Bull Run; Chantilly; South Mountain; Antietam; Fredericksburg; Blue Springs; Campbell's Station; Siege of Knoxville; Spotsylvania; Totopotomoy; Cold Harbor; Petersburg; Battle of the Crater; Siege of Petersburg; Weldon Railroad; Poplar Springs Church; Hatcher's Run; Assault of Petersburg.

Command and Field Officers
Colonel John Sommers,
Oct. 8, 1861 to April 21, 1862
Brevet Brig. Gen. J. Eugene Duryee
to Sept. 22, 1862
Colonel Thomas B. Allard to
Jan. 19, 1864
Maj. David F. DeWitt
Lieut. Colonel Henry Howard
to July 30, 1864
Maj. Andrew B. Brunner
Brevet Colonel Benj. F. Taylor to
July 25, 1865
Maj. James H. Wilson

Battlefield Commission
of Maryland
Benjamin F. Taylor, Second Maryland Infantry, U.S.A.
Joseph M. Sudsburg, Third Maryland Infantry, U.S.A.
George R. Graham, Fifth Maryland
Infantry, U.S.A.
William Gibson, Purnell Legion, Maryland Infantry, U.S.A.
William H. Parker, Battery "A" First Md. Light Artillery, U.S.A.
Theodore J. Vanneman, Battery "B" First Md. Light Artillery, U.S.A.
Henry Kyd Douglas, Staff Gen. Thomas J. Jackson, C.S.A.
Osmun Latrobe, Staff Gen. James
Longstreet, C.S.A.
William F. Dement, First Maryland
Battery, C.S.A.
Lloyd Lowndes, Governor of Maryland

Erected by the State of Maryland to her Sons, Who on this field offered their lives in maintenance of their Principles

Compliments of Stone Sentinals

The monument is a bronze statue on a granite base. The statue is by Lawrence M. Ludke, and is of two wounded Marylanders, one Union and one Confederate, helping each other on the battlefield. It was dedicated on November 13, 1994. The back of the base of the monument has a bronze tablet listing the Maryland commands of both armies that fought at Gettysburg.

From the tablet on the back of the monument:

A Final Tribute

More than 3,000 Marylanders served on both sides of the conflict at the Battle of Gettysburg. They could be found in all branches of the army from the rank of private to major general and on all parts of the battlefield. Brother against brother would be their legacy, particularly on the slopes of Culp’s Hill. This memorial symbolizes the aftermath of that battle and the war. Brothers again, Marylanders all.

The State of Maryland proudly honors its sons who fought at Gettysburg in defense of the causes they held so dear.

Participating Maryland commands:

1st Eastern Shore Infantry
1st Potomac Home Brigade Infantry
3rd Infantry
1st Calvary
Co. A Purnell Legion Cavalry
Battery A, 1st Artillery

2nd Infantry
1st Cavalry
1st Artillery
2nd Artillery (Baltimore Light)
4th Artillery (Chesapeake)

The State of Maryland monument is south of Gettysburg on Taneytown road at the entry drive to the old Cyclorama parking lot.

Battles Fought in the state of Maryland

Folck's Mill
South Mountain


1st Regiment Infantry

1st Regiment Potomac Home Brigade Infantry

1st Regiment Eastern Shore Regiment

2nd Regiment Infantry

2nd Regiment Potomac Home Brigade Infantry

2nd Regiment Eastern Shore Infantry

3rd Regiment Infantry

3rd Regiment Potomac Home Brigade Infantry

4th Regiment Infantry

4th Regiment Potomac Home Brigade Infantry

5th Regiment Infantry

6th Regiment Infantry

7th Regiment Infantry

8th Regiment Infantry

9th Regiment Infantry

10th Regiment Infantry

11th Regiment Infantry (100 Days)

11th Regiment Infantry (1 Year)

12th Regiment Infantry

13th Regiment Infantry

Purnell Legion Infantry

Patapsco Guard

Baltimore (or Dix) Light Guard Infantry

Jewish Soldiers


1st Regiment Cavalry

2nd Regiment Cavalry

1st Regiment Potomac Home Brigade (Cole's)

3rd Regiment Cavalry (Bradford Dragoons)

Purnell Legion Cavalry

Smith's Independent Cavalry Company


Rigby's Battery "A" Light Artillery

Battery "A" Junior Light Artillery (2nd)

Snow's Battery "B" Light Artillery

Battery "B" Junior Light Artillery

Battery "D" Light Artillery

Baltimore Independent Battery Light Artillery

1st Regiment Heavy Artillery


U.S. Navy/Marines

Maryland Officers (Regular) in the United States Navy and Marine Corps
Maryland Officers (Volunteer) in the U.S. Navy
Maryland Volunteers in the Navy
Maryland Volunteers in the U. S. Marine Corps

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