Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry Regimental Histories & Rosters


Massachusetts State Monument Antietam
Just South of Intersection of Hagerstown Turnpike and Cornfield Avenue

Monument Text

Erected by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to mark the position held by her troops
at the Battle of Antietam

September XVII

Second Infantry
Seventh Infantry
Ninth Infantry
Tenth Infantry
Twelfth Infantry
Thirteenth Infantry
Fifteenth Infantry
Eighteenth Infantry
Nineteenth Infantry
Twentieth Infantry
Twenty-first Infantry
  Twenty-Second Infantry
Twenty-Eighth Infantry
Twenty-Ninth Infantry
Thirty-Second Infantry
Thirty-Fifth Infantry
First Cavalry
First Battery
Third Battery
Eight Battery
First Co. Sharpshooters
Second Co. Sharpshooters

(Note: Most all of the rosters will be "pictures".  I have books of all of the Massachusetts rosters and they are digitized.  That is where the pictures that you will see come from.) 

You will see a lot of the rosters have a dollar amount alongside the soldiers name, that would be their bounty.

Bounty jumpers were men who enlisted in the Union or Confederate army during the American Civil War only to collect a bounty and then leave. The draft of 1863 allowed individuals to pay a bounty to someone else to fight in their place rather than be drafted.

Bounty System. Bounty System, in U.S. history, program of cash bonuses paid to entice enlistees into the army; the system was much abused, particularly during the Civil War, and was outlawed in the Selective Service Act of 1917. ... The states and localities offered higher bonuses.


1st Company Sharpshooters

2nd Company Sharpshooters

1st Battalion Infantry

1st Regiment Infantry

2nd Regiment Infantry

3rd Regiment Infantry (3 months militia)

3rd Regiment Infantry (9 months militia)

3rd Battalion Rifles

4th Regiment Infantry (3 months militia)

4th Regiment Infantry (9 months militia)

4th Battalion Infantry (militia)

5th Regiment Infantry (3 months militia)

5th Regiment Infantry (9 months militia)

5th Regiment Infantry (100 days militia)

6th Regiment Infantry (3 months militia)

6th Regiment Infantry (9 months militia)

6th Regiment Infantry (100 days militia)

7th Regiment Infantry

8th Regiment Infantry (3 months militia)

8th Regiment Infantry (9 months militia)

8th Regiment Infantry (100 days militia)

9th Regiment Infantry

10th Regiment Infantry

11th Regiment Infantry

12th Regiment Infantry

13th Regiment Infantry

14th Regiment Infantry

15th Regiment Infantry

16th Regiment Infantry

17th Regiment Infantry

18th Regiment Infantry   

19th Regiment Infantry

20th Regiment Infantry

21st Regiment Infantry

22nd Regiment Infantry

23rd Regiment Infantry

24th Regiment Infantry

25th Regiment Infantry

26th Regiment Infantry

27th Regiment Infantry

28th Regiment Infantry

29th Regiment Infantry

30th Regiment Infantry

31st Regiment Infantry

32nd Regiment Infantry

33rd Regiment Infantry

34th Regiment Infantry

35th Regiment Infantry

36th Regiment Infantry

37th Regiment Infantry

38th Regiment Infantry

39th Regiment Infantry

40th Regiment Infantry

41st Regiment Infantry**

42nd Regiment Infantry (9 months)

42nd Regiment Infantry (100 days militia)

43rd Regiment Infantry

44th Regiment Infantry

45th Regiment Infantry (Cadet Regiment)

46th Regiment Infantry

47th Regiment Infantry

48th Regiment Infantry

49th Regiment Infantry   

50th Regiment Infantry (7th Mass. Volunteer Militia)

51st Regiment Infantry

52nd Regiment Infantry

53rd Regiment Infantry

54th Regiment Infantry (Colored)

55th Regiment Infantry (Colored)

56th Regiment Infantry

57th Regiment Infantry

58th Regiment Infantry

59th Regiment Infantry

60th Regiment Infantry

61st Regiment Infantry

62nd Regiment Infantry

1st Unattached Company Infantry

2nd Unattached Company Infantry

3rd Unattached Company Infantry

4th Unattached Company Infantry

5th Unattached Company Infantry

6th Unattached Company Infantry

7th Unattached Company Infantry

8th Unattached Company Infantry

9th Unattached Company Infantry

10th Unattached Company Infantry

11th Unattached Company Infantry

12th Unattached Company Infantry

13th Unattached Company Infantry

14th Unattached Company Infantry

15th Unattached Company Infantry

16th Unattached Company Infantry

17th Unattached Company Infantry

18th Unattached Company Infantry

19th Unattached Company Infantry

20th Unattached Company Infantry

21st Unattached Company Infantry  

22nd Unattached Company Infantry

23rd Unattached Company Infantry

24th Unattached Company Infantry

25th Unattached Company Infantry

26th Unattached Company Infantry

Boston Cadets

Salem Cadets

Veteran Reserve Corp

Massachusetts Troops in the U.S. Color Units

Enlistments in other State Organizations

Co. B, 7th Infantry Regiment (6 Months)


1st Regiment Cavalry

2nd Regiment Cavalry

2nd Battalion Cavalry

3rd Regiment Cavalry

4th Regiment Cavalry

5th Regiment Cavalry (Colored)

Devins' Battalion Mounted Infantry

Independent Battalion Cavalry

1st Battalion Frontier Cavalry



1st Regiment Heavy Artillery

1st Battalion Heavy Artillery

2nd Regiment Heavy Artillery

3rd Regiment Heavy Artillery

4th Regiment Heavy Artillery

1st Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

2nd Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

3rd Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

4th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

5th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

6th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

7th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

8th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

9th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

10th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

11th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

12th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

13th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

14th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

15th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

16th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

17th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

18th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

19th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

20th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

21st Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

22nd Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

23rd Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

24th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

25th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

26th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

27th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

28th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

29th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

30th Company, Unassigned Heavy Artillery

Cook's Battery Boston Light Artillery 

1st Battery Light Artillery

2nd Battery Light Artillery  

3rd Battery Light Artillery

4th Battery Light Artillery

5th Battery Light Artillery

6th Battery Light Artillery

7th Battery Light Artillery

8th Battery Light Artillery

9th Battery Light Artillery

10th Battery Light Artillery

11th Battery Light Artillery

11th Battery Light Artillery (reorganized)

12th Battery Light Artillery

13th Battery Light Artillery

14th Battery Light Artillery

15th Battery Light Artillery

16th Battery Light Artillery

Jewish Soldiers


Massachusetts Enlisted Officers in the United States Navy Massachusetts Officers in U. S. Marine Corps
Massachusetts Enlisted Men in the United States Navy Massachusetts Enlisted Men in U. S. Marine Corps

Reference for all rosters:  Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War.  Compiled and Published by The Adjutant General in accordance with Chapter 475, Acts of 1899 and Chapter 64, Resolves of 1930.  WRIGHT & POTTER PRINTING CO. BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 1937.  (This reference will NOT be on each unit.)

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