New Mexico

Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry Regimental Histories & Rosters

Battles Fought in the state of New Mexico

Glorieta Pass



1st Regiment Infantry-Old

1st Regiment Infantry - Reorganized

1st Regiment Militia Infantry

1st Regiment Infantry 3 Months 1861

2nd Regiment Infantry

3rd Regiment Infantry

3rd Regiment Infantry (Mounted)

4th Regiment Infantry

5th Regiment Infantry

Alarid's Independent Company Militia
Durans Company Infantry Gonzales' Independent Company Militia
Jewish Soldiers Mora Independent Company Militia
Ortizyala Independent Company Vol. Perea's Battalion Militia
Pereas Independent Company Vol. Pereas Infantry Battalion-12 Months

Romero's Independent Co. 3-months

Senas Independent Company Vol.

Simpsons Independent Company

Tafolla's Independent Company Militia


1st Regiment Cavalry

1st Battalion Cavalry & Infantry

Graydon's Independent Cavalry Company

Graydon's Independent Cavalry Company - Reorganized

Haspell's Independent Cavalry Company

Hubbels Independent Co. Mounted Vol.

Mink's Independent Cavalry Company

New Mexico Battalion

Vidal's Independent Cavalry Company Virgils Independent Co. Mounted Vol.

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