Paymasters of the U. S. Navy

The Records of Living Officers of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps.  Compiled from Official Sources by Lewis Randolph Hamersly, Late Lieutenant United States Marine Corps.  Revised Edition, Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1870.  Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1870, by L. R. Hamersly and F. R. Harbaugh, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

(Please note: I will be adding the year of the book from where I got the information at the bottom of the picture I captured from the book.  There will probably be a couple of dates as I have 6 of these books now and some of the same names are in most of them.)

Edward T. Dunn John B. Rittenhouse Horace M. Hieskell
George F. Cutter James H. Watmough

John O. Bradford

J. George Harris Edward C. Doran Joseph C. Eldredge
John S. Gulick W. Brenton Boggs      William G. Marcy
Thomas H. Looker C. J. Emery Charles W. Abbott
John S. Cunningham Calvin C. Jackson Robert H. Clark
James D. Murray James Fulton James N. Carpenter
Alexander W. Russell George Leonard Davis Augustus J. Gilman
Rufus C. Spaulding Cuthbert P. Wallach Charles H. Eldredge
Gilbert E. Thornton Edward Foster Edward May
Henry M. Denniston Richard Washington Frank Cosby
Edwin Stewart Joseph A. Smith Ambrose J. Clark
George Cochran Thomas T. Caswell Caspar Schenck
William W. Williams James Hoy Jr. Arthur J. Pritchard
Albert S. Kenny Forbes Parker George A. Lyon
George W. Beaman Horatio L. Wait Arthur Burtis
Edwin Putnam George R. Martin William N. Watmough
Worthington Goldsborough Horace P. Tuttle Frank H. Hinman
Charles F. Guild James E. Tolfree      Luther G. Billings
James F. Hamilton Charles P. Thompson Francis H. Swan
Samuel T. Browne Robert P. Lisle Robert W. Allen
Henry M. Meade Frank Clarke Albert D. Bache
Dominick B. Batione William F. A. Torbert Leonard A. Frailey
John H. Stevenson George E. Hendee Milton B. Cushing
J. Henry Buckley Robert Burton Rodney James S. Giraud
George L. Meade John N. Hambleton Garrett R. Barry
McKean Buchanan Henry Etting Benjamin J. Cahoone
Sterret Ramsey John A. Bates T. Marston Taylor
A. Eugene Watson Robert Pettit Horatio Bridge
Charles Murray George A. Sawyer Alexander McC. Bishop

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