Surgeons of the Navy

The Records of Living Officers of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps.  Compiled from Official Sources by Lewis Randolph Hamersly, Late Lieutenant United States Marine Corps.  Revised Edition, Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1870.  Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1870, by L. R. Hamersly and F. R. Harbaugh, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  

(Please note: I will be adding the year of the book from where I got the information at the bottom of the picture I captured from the book.  There will probably be a couple of dates as I have 6 of these books now and some of the same names are in most of them.)

William Maxwell Wood  Jonathan M. Foltz James C. Palmer
Ninian Pinkey David Harlan J. D. Miller
Joseph Beale George Maulsby William Grier
J. Winthrop Taylor Samuel Jackson James McClelland
John S. Messersmith Thomas M. Potter Andrew A. Henderson
Lewis J. Williams Marius Duval Joseph Wilson Jr.
Charles Eversfield Robert T. Maccoun Henry O. Mayo
Philip Landsdale William Lowber Phineas J. Horwitz
Charles Martin Francis M. Gunnell James Suddards
Edward Shippen Samuel F. Coues Jacob S. Dungan
George Peck John M. Browne Thomas J. Turner
John Y. Taylor William P. Hord John S. Kitchen
Albert L. Gihon Edwin R. Denby Richard C. Dean
Philip S. Wales Albert C. Gorgas Delavan Bloodgood
Thomas Walter Leach William M. King  Benjamin F. Gibbs
David Kindleberger William E. Taylor James McMaster
Christopher J. Cleborne John Crawford Spear Charles H. Burbank
Henry C. Nelson Somerset Robinson Archibald C. Rhoades
Michael Bradley Adrian Hudson Newton L. Bates
James H. Linkham Stephen D. Kennedy Frederick E. Potter
Edward S. Bogert Walter K. Schofield Aaron S. Oberly
Grove S. Beardsley J. S. Knight Henry M. Wells
Edward S. Matthews John H. Clark Adolph A. Hoehling
Benjamin H. Kidder William K. Van Reypen Thomas C. Walton
Theoron Woolverton Thomas Hiland David S. Edwards
Benjamin F. Bache James M. Greene G. R. B. Horner
William S. W. Ruschenberger William Johnson Thomas L. Smith
Lewis B. Hunter George Clymer Isaac Brinkerhoff
Daniel Egbert Charles D. Maxwell John J. Abernathy
George W. Codwise Robert Dodd John H. Wright
John Thornley Albert Schriver   Robert L. Weber
Edward M. Stein    

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