U. S. Navy in the Civil War

 "After the inauguration of Mr. Lincoln as President," wrote Rear Admiral Daniel Ammen, "a painful lethargy (Fatigue (also called exhaustion, lethargy, languidness, languor, lassitude, and listlessness)  seemed to pervade every, branch of the Administration, while the South was arming and organizing with extraordinary activity for the avowed purpose of destroying the Government, which apparently supinely awaited that event."
       An "instant navy" was needed, first to seal off the more than three thousand miles of bays, inlets, river mouths, and deltas that stretched from Virginia through the Gulf of Mexico. Such a goal would become known as the Anaconda Plan, aimed at strangling the rebellion.

(Note: Most of the information here will be pictures of headstones of Navy Veterans.  If anyone would like to submit any pictures for this section, or any other Civil War section, please do so.  I am looking for headstone pictures of any and all Civil War Veterans.  When submitting pictures, I will need to know the name of the person, where the picture was taken, (i.e. the name of the cemetery and location of the cemetery,)  the unit the soldier was in, if they were in the Navy, the name of their ship and the person submitting the information so I can give them (you) credit.)

I am adding services of the Navy personnel.  Examples:  Surgeons of the Navy, Paymaster of the Navy, Officers of the Navy, Chief Engineers of the Navy, etc. Click on what you want to go to on the above links. 

Peter M. Kafer William H. Vanarsdale George W. Middleton George W. Winterstein
William D. Bird John Giles John S. Tennyson William C. Cooper
Charles Budrow Gomer Jones Vincent B. Clark George K. Biddle
Richard F. Towndrow Daniel D. Leyrer William Gouin John M. Berrien
Thomas H. P. Cross James Neischler Preston Bishof Jr. Theodore C. Herbert
James Lewis Thomas Parrish John M. Vanderveer Frank Burr
Thomas L. Stringer John Winter George Rivington William Groswell Couthouy
Nathan F. Faga Alfred Vanscoter      Joseph P. Mickley William Sigman
William Wilhelm Bernard Gallagher Thomas Adams Charles J. Griffin
Patrick Carroll George Lundy Daniel W. Heller W. N. Maull
Baladan Diehl Francis Ross Michael C. Drennan John Murray
Nathan F. Moyer Frederick H. Stow John Johnson Jeremiah Murray
Samuel Woodward Edward McManus Thomas Morrison James Robb
Benjamin P. Conk George W. Bowne Alexander A. Rowe William Bird
Alexander S. Cutter Thomas McElroy Thomas McEwen Charles Schumarty
George Maloy J. Wesley Biddle Charles Edward Flemming Stephen Collins
Thomas Donahue Joseph D. Applegate John G. Thomas James Brannon
James McClane John Quigley M. F. Hamley Patrick Darcy
Phillip McConnell Thomas Kelly Thomas C. Smullen Thomas J. Dodds
George Patterson James Franklin Holmes Oswald Warner      James E. Dorsett
Hiram H. Nickens Phillip Stewart Spencer Freeman Walter Richardson
Auther Clayton (Arther) Daniel E. Hervey William D. Whiting Bernard Quinn
Francis T. Cook George Heibler George W. Paul John Driscoll
Thomas Royston Alfred S. Brower Isaac Hawk Paschal Medara
Franklin Goodwin Charles W. Roswell Elisha Emmons Peter Conk
Robert F. Hampton Talbert Slocum William Slocum James Dixon
Thomas Stryker Charles W. Mount Townsend Hall William Edmonds
John H. Butler Charles Van Doren William IMLA Stewart John T. Luck
James S. Burlew John Mount John K. Tull Alfred B. Holtson (Holston)
J. E. Chapman John Dempsey William H. Chambers Frederick U. Northup
Isaac D. Demarest Richard Wanamaker Henry Carpenter Charles H. Doughty
James Egret Charles Shedrick Holland Moses Willows Thomas Clark
Walter Lynch Charles M. Moran James J. Christie Piere Leon
Thomas Meehan Henry Stacey John E. Wichmann Samuel Acken
Charles H. Bell Lyman Cronk Clarence M. Slack John P. Fox
Michael Mulligan Lewis Spencer E. W. Titsworth Charles A. King
Charles H. Allman William W. Edwards John Dailey William M. Hance
William T. Meredith Charles Stephan William D. Hoffman Carlisle Phillips
John Bolton Ackley John O'Conner Barclay John C. Rich Edward Shippen
Walter Newberry Smith Jacob G. (M) Edwards Elmer Ogden Theodore F. Burkett
William H. Baley (Bailey) William J. Passwater Patrick H. Connor James J. Fay
Patrick Kelley Thomas Kelly George Moore Edward J. Percell
Charles H. Whelan Henry Pendleton Henry B. Rommel Samuel C. Leek
John L. C. Pruden Israel Buzzee (Buzzill) William H. Campbell George E. Martin
John V. Hatfield Henry Hubbard Edward Pritchard Robert O. Fairweather
John Wray James Lamb George H. Hayden Allen K. Noyes
Alfred Benjamin Henry S. Dean Philip Losere George A. Ireton
George W. Clark Thomas Ingersol Charles Atwood Lloyd    Thomas Donahue
John McGuire Elisha N. Norcross George Cowie Joseph W. North
Benjamin F. Vanpelt Joseph Williams Jules Bovey George W. Randolph
Samuel F. Randolph Samuel M. Till Edmund C. Vermeulen Joseph T. Tucker
Moses O. Emich James F. Randolph John Wade Hamilton Devoe
George Letts William H. Barton Reuben P. Stephens Joseph Burns
Thomas M. McDonough Fergus McFadden Charles O'Sullivan Dennis Ryan
Edward Ryan John C. Finnigan Robert P. Bloodgood Henry C. Meseroll (Messeroll)
John A. Wines William Bird James A. Fleming Andrew Lambert
Patrick J. McTighe D. D. Murphy John Jordan Thomas Turner
Michael Birben Richard E. Elwell John Fearn Edward B. Hough
Edward Lynch Henry E. Chubb William Gale John W. Tripp
Adam Kiner John Joseph Read Thomas Doyle William McCornick
William Lovelook Lewis Cotte James Penn        James K. Regars
William Kelly George Mellor John E. Astfalk Cornelius Benson
John Burke James Cheeseman Thomas B. Brown Thomas Conley
James Duffy John Ferguson William Field Thomas Donnolley
Augus Gerding Samuel Hall John Hogan Thomas Hughes
Alex Hunter Thomas Leslie George Maloy (Malloy) John M. Maron
Henry McGarl James McIntosh Peter Myers George Olden
Francis T. Powell Hezekiah Renon John S. Shepard Henry Simpson
Joseph Simpson William R. Snyder Jeremiah Izleton Edward J Barrass
Jacob T. Field James G. Hanna Amzi A. Field George Anderson
Joseph A. Easton Mahlon M Smith John G. Banks    James Buchanan Breese
Samuel C. Brickell Samuel Meredith Dickinson Henry R. Haven Aaron Hawkyard
Armitage D. Hughes Joshua G. Johnson Wesley Johnson John C. Kafer
Hiram Lenox Anthony W. Page Josiah S. Moore Richard H. Myers
John S. Rivers George Scott Watson Smith Thomas Sweeny (Sweeney)
Orrin Vanpelt Louis Westfall John A. Wilson George F. Ackley
George A. Brokaw Ellis L. Cook William H. DeCamp Sylvester Doremus
Albert T. Freeman Albert G. Jones Martin B. Marsh T. H. Maxwell
James A. Parker Peter H. Pursell (Pearsall) Nathaniel Reeks William Vreeland
John F. Allen John Bloomsburg Joseph Q. Bloomsburg Dunning Buckley
Samuel Conover John Craig   Francis R. Cullin Abner Dougherty
Joseph Jarrett Michael Moneham (Monaghan) Edward Newbury William O'Grady
James Pancoast John Powers John T. Reeder Samuel H. Rockhill
Charles Williams Henry B. Conklin John F. Cannon Jacob E. Fireng
Thomas J. Barron Henry Martin Blue Lewis C. Rice Clifford I. Brown
Ephraim Chenoweth Charles J. Clifford Whitfield H. Cox James G. Denton
George Whitfield Drake Charles A. Dreyer Charles Gee Robert Graham
Edward J. Jones James M. Folkner Lewis (Louis) Westfall Samuel Shaffer
James Berry Samuel Weller George Refsnider Richard S. Church
John Henry Bacon James W. Barry  Francis H. Dixey Henry Handy
Charles A. Hewes John H. Maer William W. Smith Edward Connell
George Francisco John Hofker James H. Johnson Thomas Knapp
Jeremiah Mullane Henry H Leeds Charles G. Marsh George I. McLean
William L. Norris Gustavus Puth Charles S. Waterbury Augustus F. Wodey
William N. Zeiss Wilson Stead Benjamin Robertson Thomas Smith
Martin Davitt Jacob Rustay Alexander Armstrong William M. Carhart
James J. Clark Charles W. Cole Thomas Glacken (Glackin) Wesley Johnson Sr.
John H. Person George S. Van Scotten Mathias B. Wilson Isaac L. Wyant
J. E. Wyand Robert Brown Lorenzo S. Snow John Sniffen
Sherburne C. Van Tassel H. C. Weeks         John Fornance John Crawford Spear
William Thompson Joseph B. Stratton Douglas R. Bannan (Bannon) Hiram Parker Jr.
Henry Lee Snyder Thomas Crayton Michael Bancroft Benjamin F. Cole
Charles Flickinger David Gibson Charles Luther Charles L. Wilkins
David R. Ellis Granville Bailey Gomer Jones William H. Jones
John D. Davies Charles V. Smith Edward Mills Horatio N. Beaumont
Alfred Loudon Daniel Asa Sawyer John B. Marchand Henry Shutes
Daniel C. Logue Henry R. Hankinson Theodore Berry Julius Eckert
Jonathan M. Foltz William H. Garrecht William Reynolds George Henry
William G. Howell George W. Jacques    Otto G. Johnson Charles S. Stanton
Philip Henry Cooper Israel Purdy James Rufus Tryon William P. Jaquith
John E. Worman Rudolph A. Fueller Nathaniel Green John W Hagenman
Charles A. Petit John W. Sharp Michael Lyons Patrick O'Dwyer
Gustave Paul Peters William Brand Moses O. Emich John H. White
Andrew J. Collins Gilbert D. Macy Stewart Mitchell Arthur W. Price
George W Stevens Garrett C. Green Thomas J. Dobbs George B. Anderson
Emilio Barsotti Salomon R. Briggs Otto Conrad William Cornell
Charles A. Crosby Albert J. Jardine James S. Johnson Thomas Lloyd
Joseph F. Miller Peter Peterson Oliver Saritan Robert Williams
John H. Sleman (Sleaman) David W. Garvin Jacob A. Roome (Charles Brown) Smith B. Crane
James F. Burrage Joseph Stansbury       George W. Ellis George W. Sharp
James M. Jackson Isaac Bullivant William D. Dupont John W. Freeman
Edwin V. Gager James Haskins James M. Johnson Lewis P. Mandersheid
George McCracken Charles H. Miller John Morris Cornelius S. Riggins
George E. Robbins Anton M. Schunk Joseph Staenhagen John Turner
Stringer White Oliver C. Ayers John Bode William Coulter
Thomas Crillery George H. DeVoe August Dillane Henry Faulk
William J. Furze Garry Johnson George A. Lymas Thomas H. Mason
Charles H. Morrison Charles B. Mott Alexander Paulsen John W. Prout
Alexander Richards Henry Rusch Jesse Smackum William Snowden
William F. Van Houten Oliver R. Wade Charles Will Volney Winslow
Eugene V. Tysen (Tyson) David B. Sharp John Hughes William G. Bell
William Challinor John G. Conselyea James J. Demarest William Ferguson
William N. McCall George Miller William Orr Francis Schaefer
James Wylie William H. Hutchings John J. Hessell James M. Shay
Richard K. Carhart William Dempster James Slavin (Slauen) James Gleason
Otto R. Henriques John J. Beaufort Richard E. Elwell Anton Basting
Charles Hahn   Levi B. Marshall (Marshell)    Alexander S. Cutter John D. Beugles (Beuglass)
Jethro Taylor Isaac Buckley William R. Pease William B. Bryant
John W. Lackey John N. Schenck Samuel Randolph Forman James Magee
James A. Smith Luther H. Perry Augustus P. Cook Michael Ober
George O. Simmons Gilbert H. Cavileer William Dempster John V. Bleecker
John DeCamp Preston Garland Alexander Hansen Samuel Curtis
John Gourley Charles Green

George Gardner

William H. Baldwin
Alexander Jordan William Nelson

Frederick Thompson

George L. Harris
Carl Carty Jonathan Cory (Corey) Jarvis W. Williams Conrad Hebler
Joseph W. Fleming Adolphus Landergren Edwin Easton Ambrose Felix
Jonathan W. Hockett Vreeland Sipp William Adams

Jaques Entwistle

George W. Greenwood  William Miller                 Andrew Osborn William S. Ryle
Augustus Van Gieson Henry Clay Van Gieson Thomas Kirkwood Thomas D. Moore
William H. Conklin Isaac Corson Webster Swan Martin Bunn Huyler
Abraham Leach James Murphy Marinus Henry Snyder-aka: Henry Snyder--Used in Navy: Marinus Snyder Jacob Westervelt
Abram C. Kern George Chisom George Tull George Work
John Bernatski Thomas Brown William H. Day Francis Delaney
Patrick Duffy Patrick English John J. Farley Matthew Farley
Michael Farley Nicholas Farley Thomas Fleming William Fleming
Patrick Gaffney Henry Gatfield Reuben Keegan Charles A. Leischman
Peter Lunny William Martin James Mooney (Moosey) Dennis Mulvilhill
Maurice Nolan John Plunkett William F. Banks (William Brown) Thomas Lingle
Henry A. McKenna Francis Van Blarcom Septemus S. Bedle Thomas C. Bedle
Michael F. Hanily Rollin S. Spangler Charles Babcock Edwin S. Benedict
Stephen Oliver McCurdy Granville Asay  James Savercool    John Sheehan
John Havens James Pollard Edward Dugan James Baird
Thomas Crabbe Francis Stevens Conover Robert Singleton James Haskins
Seth Ledyard Phelps Charles Duvall Maxwell Samuel W. Preston Benjamin H. Porter

Chief Engineers of the Navy
Paymaster of the Navy
Officers of the Navy
Surgeons of the Navy
Brief history of Naval operations during the rebellion
A complete list of the officers & vessels engaged in the most important naval battles of the Rebellion 1861-1865

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